How To Recover My Eyes Only Password Without Deleting Everything?

Have you forgotten your “My Eyes Only” password on Snapchat and are looking for ways to recover it? Then this is going to be a comprehensive guide for you where you can learn about how you can recover the “My Eyes Only” password without deleting all your hidden photos and videos.

What is “My Eyes Only” on Snapchat?

Snapchat is an instant messaging app that lets you interact with your friends through photos and videos known as ‘snaps’. 

To keep your private snaps secure, Snapchat also provides you with a separate corner known as “My Eyes Only”. The snaps stored there are only visible to the user and are secured with a password. However, forgetting the password will not let you access any of the snaps stored in “My Eyes Only”. 

If you are facing the same situation, here you will find an easy way to “My Eyes Only” password on Snapchat without deleting your data.

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Recover “My Eyes Only” Password on Snapchat

Through Snapchat App

  1. Firstly, open Snapchat and go to “Memories”.
  2. Swipe left, and you will see the “My Eyes Only” option, press that.
  3. On the screen where you are required to enter “My Eyes Only” password, tap “Options”.
  4. Tap “Forgot Passcode”.
  5. Enter your Snapchat account password and press “Next”.
  6. Select the checkbox and press “Continue”.
  7. Create a new password and confirm it.

Before you follow the above steps, make sure you have downloaded a backup of your Snapchat data, as resetting your “My Eyes Only” passcode will delete all your snaps. There is no other way to recover the password of “My Eyes Only” without deleting everything. Even the Snapchat hack tools cannot assist you in getting back all the information.

Download Snapchat Data

Here is how to download a backup of your Snapchat data:

  • Go to and log in to your Snapchat account.
  • Click on the “My Data” option.
  • You can select your memories as a downloadable file or filter it by date range.
  • Then click on “Submit Request” at the bottom
  • Enter your Snapchat email address, and you will receive an email with a link once your data is ready to download.
  • Click on the link in your email and follow the instructions to download your data.

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Change Snapchat “My Eyes Only” Password

If you still remember the “My Eyes Only” password and only want to change your my eyes only passcode, here are the steps to follow:

  • Firstly, open Snapchat and go to “Memories”.
  • Swipe left, and you will see the “My Eyes Only” option, press that.
  • On the screen where you are required to enter “My Eyes Only” password, tap “Options”.
  • Tap “Change Passcode”.
  • Enter the current password of “My Eyes Only”.
  • Then enter the new password you want to set for your snaps in  “My Eyes Only”.

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  1. Can you see “My Eyes Only” without password?

There is no way to see your current “My Eyes Only” password to access the hidden snaps. You can only reset Snapchat’s “My Eyes Only” passcode, if you have forgotten it by using “Forgot Password” option.

  1. Can you recover deleted photos from “My Eyes Only”?

No, there is no way to recover the photos or videos that once have been permanently deleted from “My Eyes Only” on Snapchat.

  1. Is Snapchat “My Eyes Only” safe?

Yes, Snapchat’s “My Eyes Only” is completely safe. It lets you keep your snaps safe and encrypted by protecting it with a passcode of your choice. Even if your Snapchat account gets hacked, or someone else has access to your account, they still can’t access “My Eyes Only” without entering the passcode.

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