Understanding Snapchat Planets Order: What Do They Mean?

Snapchat is known for its quirky features, from Snap Scores to Snapchat Trophies. However, there’s another interesting concept that often leaves users confused: the “Snapchat solar system order.” If you’ve found yourself scratching your head about this, don’t worry, this guide will shed light on this confusing feature.

What are Snapchat Plus Planets?

Snapchat Plus Planets introduce a captivating element to the Snapchat user interface, garnering widespread appreciation from Snapchat users worldwide.

Snapchat Plus empowers users by allowing them to select their top 8 friends, arranging them in a circular formation reminiscent of planets orbiting the sun. The concept behind Snapchat Plus is elegantly straightforward yet remarkably effective in maintaining connections with your dearest friends.

Snapchat has ingeniously enhanced the user experience, and Snapchat Plus stands out as an excellent choice. Within Snapchat Plus, you have the ability to designate 8 planetary positions for your closest friends. Each planet boasts its distinctive visual attributes adorned with hearts. For instance, if you find yourself assigned to the Mercury planet, it signifies that you hold the closest position within your friend’s inner circle.

If you’re a Snapchat enthusiast, you’ve likely noticed the existence of two distinct friend categories: “Friends” and “The Best Friend.” Those fortunate enough to be on the “Best Friend” list are regarded as the closest and most cherished connections within your Snapchat network.

Snapchat Plus Planets in Order: Deciphering Your Snap Connections

By now, you should have gained a more comprehensive understanding of Snapchat and its Solar System Planet ordering system. This Snapchat Planet order essentially dictates how you prioritize your friends, arranging them in a celestial sequence similar to the planets orbiting the sun. Within this system, you are provided with 8 slots, each taking the form of a unique planet with distinct attributes, for the purpose of assigning to your friends. Here is a detailed explanation of each of these planets:

1. Mercury – The Pinnacle of Snapchat Friendship

Mercury Snapchat Planet

Mercury, the planet closest to the sun, holds a special place in Snapchat’s planetary order. It symbolizes your closest friend on the platform, the one with whom you share an abundance of streaks and messages. This planet shines in a vibrant pink hue, surrounded by a constellation of red hearts, signifying your tight bond.

2. Venus – Second in Command

Venus Snapchat Planet

Next in line is Venus, representing your second-closest friend on Snapchat. This friend shares a significant bond with you, akin to the warm beige color of this planet. Venus is adorned with yellow, pink, and blue hearts, reflecting the depth of your connection.

3. Earth – The Middle Ground

Earth Snapchat Planet

Earth, the planet we all call home, takes the third position in this celestial friendship hierarchy. If someone in your Snapchat network is associated with Earth, it indicates that they are your third-closest friend. This planet wears the colors of blue and green, accompanied by a moon and a sprinkle of red hearts.

4. Mars – Bonding on the Fourth Level

Mars Snapchat Planet

Mars takes its place as the fourth planet in Snapchat’s planet order. This planetary assignment denotes your fourth-best friend on the platform, someone with whom you share a delightful Snapchat connection. Mars is characterized by its fiery red hue, complemented by blue and purple hearts.

5. Jupiter – The Fifth Friend in Orbit

Jupiter Snapchat Planet

Jupiter, the largest planet in our solar system, signifies your fifth-closest friend on Snapchat Plus. This orange planet is adorned with blue, pink, and yellow stars, symbolizing the stellar nature of your Snapchat bond.

6. Saturn – The Sixth in Line

Saturn Snapchat Planet

When referring to your sixth-closest friend on Snapchat, the planet Saturn comes into play. Saturn, with its iconic ring, represents this level of friendship. It boasts a sunny yellow color, enclosed by a circular ring, illustrating your special connection.

7. Uranus – Seventh in the Cosmic Hierarchy

Uranus Snapchat Planet

Uranus, with its distinctive green hue, takes the seventh position in Snapchat’s planetary lineup. If someone is associated with Uranus, it means they are your seventh-closest friend on the platform. This planet is adorned with yellow and green stars, signifying your unique bond.

8. Neptune – The Last Planet on the Horizon

Neptune Snapchat Planet

Finally, we arrive at Neptune, the last planet in this celestial order. As you might have guessed, Neptune represents your eighth-best friend on Snapchat. This blue planet is adorned with stars, and although it lacks hearts, it signifies the enduring connection you share.

How to View Snapchat Planets in Order?

Snapchat’s unique feature, the Snapchat Planets Plus, allows you to discover the ranks of your friends through the intriguing Solar System Plus. To access this feature and unveil the cosmic hierarchy of your Snapchat connections, there are a couple of prerequisites you need to meet:

  • Snapchat Plus Subscription: First and foremost, ensure that you have a Snapchat Plus subscription. This premium service grants you access to a variety of exclusive features, including the coveted Snapchat Planets Plus.
  • Linked Bitmoji: You and your friend must both have linked Bitmojis. This linkage is essential for the Snapchat Planets Plus to accurately depict your friendships within the cosmic order.

Once you’ve met these conditions, you’re ready to embark on your cosmic journey and see the Snap planets in order. Here’s a step-by-step guide to navigating this celestial feature:

  1. Launch the Snapchat App: Begin by opening the Snapchat app on your device. Ensure that you are logged into your Snapchat account.
  2. Navigate to the Chat Section: Within the app, head to the “Chat Section.” This is where you engage in conversations and interact with your friends.
  3. Select a Conversation: From your list of conversations, tap on the name of the friend whose Snapchat planetary position you wish to explore.
  4. Choose “Best Friend” or “Friend”: Inside the conversation, locate the option that reads “Best Friend or Friend.” Tap on this option to reveal the cosmic secret.

Now, let’s decipher the meaning of these terms:

  • Friends: If your friend has labeled you as a “Friend,” it implies that you are indeed counted among their top 8 best friends. However, the reciprocal may not be true, meaning they might not be among your top 8 friends.
  • Best Friends: On the other hand, if you both are labeled as “Best Friends,” it signifies mutual recognition. Both of you occupy a spot among each other’s top 8 friends in the Snapchat planetary positions. This signifies a strong and reciprocal friendship bond within the cosmic hierarchy.

Why Are Snapchat Plus Planets Not Working?

At times, you might encounter a situation where either your friend badge or best friend badge fails to display that coveted golden ring spinning around it. When this occurs, it’s a clear sign that your Snapchat Plus planets may be experiencing a glitch or malfunction.

If you’re seeking insights into the possible reasons behind this non-functionality, consider the following factors:

  • Ensure that you have an active Snapchat Plus subscription. Without this premium subscription, access to Snapchat Plus features, including the Planets, may be restricted.
  • If you haven’t designated anyone as your close friend on Snapchat, the Planets feature may seem meaningless and remain inactive. The system relies on your connections to assign planetary positions.
  • Make sure that both you and your friends have successfully linked your Bitmojis to your Snapchat profiles. The Planets feature relies on this linkage to accurately depict your friendships within the celestial order.

By addressing these potential issues, you can work towards resolving any glitches and restore the functionality of your Snapchat Plus Planets. If you are still facing issues, you can contact Snapchat support.


What do the Bitmoji planets mean?

Bitmoji planets on Snapchat are a fun feature that represents various aspects of your interactions. They indicate your friendship status, such as mutual best friends, shared interests, and more. They add a playful and personalized touch to your Snapchat experience.

What are the Snapchat planets for best friends?

The Snapchat planets for best friends are a part of Bitmoji planets. They represent your closest friends on the app. When you and your friend have each other listed as best friends, your Bitmojis may appear on the same planet, showing your strong connection.

What are the planet signs on Snapchat?

Snapchat Plus Planets are a captivating addition to the app’s interface, widely appreciated by users. They allow users to select their top 8 friends, arranging them like planets orbiting the sun. This feature simplifies staying connected with close friends. Each planet represents a friend, adorned with hearts, symbolizing their significance. It’s a great enhancement for Snapchat enthusiasts, particularly for “Best Friends,” the closest and most cherished connections in your network.

How do you check Snapchat plus planets?

To check Snapchat Plus Planets, start by launching the Snapchat app and logging into your account. Then, navigate to the “Chat Section” where you engage in conversations. Select a specific conversation with a friend, and within that conversation, find the “Best Friend or Friend” option to unveil their Snapchat planetary position.

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