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How to increase laptop speed – Laptops are very useful and necessary gadgets and but most of us have some old model laptops that become slow with the time and use, and we all can’t afford to buy a new laptop every year just because my old laptop became slow.

But what we can actually do is some internal and external cheap upgrades that can actually speed up the laptop to its maximum limits and trust me, these methods which I am going to tell you today will work if done right.

So today I am going to tell you 5 points by which users can clearly see the difference in your laptop speed

Let’s begin

1. Install Antivirus.

Malwarebytes Antivirus

Most of us don’t know that we do so many activities on our laptops or pc daily that lead to installing malware in our system and some of this malware is very dangerous for our important files and our PC, so, first of all, install an antivirus and run a full scan and now you will think this is funny but after scanning and removing all the harmful malware from your PC uninstall the Antivirus.

Yes, you heard it right you have to uninstall the antivirus after your work is completed because Antivirus can also make your PC run slow because we don’t use Antiviruses daily and it will still take up some Space in your Ram and hard drive so just uninstall it after use.

Here is the list of some free Antiviruses which can do your work.

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2. Delete Apps you don’t use.

How to increase laptop speed- uninstall useless programmes
Uninstall Apps

Most PCs and Laptops come with preloaded software which you will never and don’t use, but these Apps can affect your PC speed-up time, and these apps run in the background and Consume most of the ram and Disk size which is very important for speed up laptop and PC.


  • Go to the control panel
  • Select uninstall a program
  • Choose which apps you don’t use and click on uninstall

After uninstalling these apps may be, you will not feel much difference but trust me it works.

 3. Upgrade your Hardware.

How to increase laptop speed by Upgrading your hardware– This method can speed up your laptop on the next level. We will talk about 2 basic hardware updates that can make a huge difference in speed.

Storage upgrade

SSD ( solid straight drive)
SSD ( solid straight drive)

Do you know that most of the old generation laptops have Hard drives? and this is the point where you have to focus.

First, let me tell you there are two types of storage available for your PC

  • Hard drive
  • SSD (Solid straight drive)

Hard drives are used in old generation PCs and it contains mechanical arm to read and write it has many moving parts on the other hand SSD doesn’t contain any moving parts that why it is way faster than Hard drive.

So to Upgrade your Storage you can use any of the SSD that is available in the market and if you find it costly then i suggest you to buy 120gb SSD and use it to install Windows and important software and you can add additional Hard drive for storing data like pictures, videos, etc.

  RAM upgrade


Ram can also make a difference in boosting your laptop’s speed, most of the software use RAM of your computer to run as a background app, so if you have basic ram sticks like 2 or 4 GB then you can upgrade it to 8 or more as much as your motherboard supports it.

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4. Check for Updates

Check for updates
Windows update

Do you when a complete release a new version of a software or a new software they mostly update it after some days because after using it for while customers tell them about bugs and give them feedback, so they try to improve it with every update.

You were probably thinking why I am telling you this, there is a big reason behind this think that if software has a bug then it definitely misbehaves and can make your laptop slow or also can create faults, or let’s think if it does have any bugs but the company has released updates so by updating this app it will definitely make it run fast and can come with new features.

So just go and check updates for your PC monthly or you can just set it to automatically so that if any update will come it will do it automatically.


  • Go to the start menu.
  • Search for ( Check for updates)
  • Click on the result.
  • Then click on check for updates it will automatically search for updates.

5. Run Disk Clean up.

Disk cleanup- How to increase laptop speed
Disk cleanup

Have you ever noticed when you install new Windows your pc runs way faster but after some days it starts to slow down, it is because your PC had contained many cached and viruses that make it slow.

For that Microsoft gives you preinstalled software which is a Disk clean-up tool, it deletes the unwanted files and virus-infected files that your PC has stored in the past which increases the speed and clears the storage of your pc.


  • Go to start menu
  • Search for Disk clean up
  • Click on the result
  • Then a window will pop up and just select which drive you want to clean & press OK.

If you were searching before for How to increase laptop speed then I think I have solved your problems there are many more ways to Speed up your laptop but I think these 5 will work fine and if you will face any problems regarding this then please feel free to comment down and ask.

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