Why Carry Minati ‘s New Video is Deleted | YouTube Vs TikTok

Carry Minati – If you’re an Indian then you probably know about currently going on a controversy about Youtube vs Tiktok, this controversy was startled after a YouTuber named Elvish Yadav posted a roasting video on Tiktokers and because of this some Tiktokers got angry and some of them even posted stories on there Instagram against Elvish Yadav.
But one of them is Amir Siddique who posted an IGTV on Instagram ( later he deleted it) in which he seems to Roast the whole youtube roast community but his video has too many points which are useless and pointless, because of his video youtube community started to roast him very badly.

Amir siddiqui
Carry Minati who has the biggest roasting channel in India also posted a video for defending his community against Amir Siddique, and this video was going crazy it broked so many records like the fastest 2 million likes, fastest 1 million subscribers gain and many more.

Carry minati

Why Carry minati’s video is Deleted

Even this video was going to break the record of Mr. beast’s video which is the most liked video from an individual artist, currently, Mr. beast’s video has 12.3 million liked on his video and Carry’s video reached about 11 million likes and soon it was going to break Mr. beast’s record until tomorrow when Youtube has deleted Carry’s video and it was showing that (this video is deleted because of violation of our community guidelines).

But it is not the end at the same time 4 more videos of Indian roaster like Elvish Yadav, Lakshay Chaudhary & Samrat bhai’s video is also removed and the reason was the same according to youtube.
No one knows the real reason behind this but most of the YouTubers are saying that some have done mass reporting on their videos and because of that YouTube has taken this action.

We can’t say more on this topic because carry has not responded yet, but we’re feeling very bad for him. Most of the YouTubers and even singer Raftaar are standing for carry minati and supporting him through there social media.

Even a hashtag has also started which is #justiceforcarry, if you want to help carry minati then you can request Youtube by tweeting them, and remember don’t use abusive words and you can also use this hashtag.

If we get more updates regarding this topic we will notify you.
Until then be safe

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