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A 1990s-era augmented reality mobile game called “Pokemon Go” is probably familiar to you. Because it was based on insect catching, a common pastime in Japan, and was a part of the Pokemon series, the game was popular there. The game gained enormous popularity once more later in 2016.

The game uses the GPS on your cellphone to pinpoint your location, and you have to capture Pokemon there. Then you can use those Pokemon in combat with other players. But the game’s features don’t end there. 

About OGzilla

You can obtain expensive Android and iOS apps from, a third-party website. Numerous reviews for show that it is compatible with Android, iPhone, iPad, and iPod devices as well as other popular mobile platforms.

You may purchase skins, costumes, and outfits in games like Pokémon Go through if you have enough diamonds and coins. These items are only available if you have access to the premium aspects of the game.

How do I download Pokemon Go via

Here are the steps you must do to get Pokemon Go or any other game or program from

  • On your iOS or Android device, visit the website.
  • Locate the “Games” category on the website, then tap it to access the “Games” section.
  • You can manually find the game by scrolling down or searching for it by name in the search field.
  • The download will begin by selecting the “Install” button when you’ve located the “Pokémon Go” game.
  • You will receive a popup saying, “Additional files are required for Pokemon Go Spoofer” after the download is finished. Click “Go” to continue.
  • Next, select “Go” from the menu. Is it a Scam?

You can download premium iOS and Android apps from the website To do this, it sends you to other dubious, unreliable websites. In addition, you must download extra files in order to finish downloading the app or game of your choice.

This is a ruse to entice more people to the website, where they will be forced to visit a rogue website and download some dubious software. Because the programs offered on the OGzilla website are not original, it is equivalent to a scam. Therefore, you shouldn’t access the website if it is not necessary.

Review of by real users

Here are some frank evaluations provided by users in case you’re unsure about using it:

“ is a malicious website. By suggesting that doing so is necessary in order to download software from the Google Play Store and Apple App Store, the website deceives users into installing spam or dangerous apps. Please delete any communications that contain a link to OGzilla instead of clicking on them if you receive them. -Unknown user

Is it worth it to buy a Pokemon Go account

Deciding if it’s a good idea to buy a Pokémon GO account depends on what you like. Some people think it saves time and effort because you get strong Pokémon without working hard. But it can be risky because you might get cheated or banned from the game. Also, catching Pokémon on your own is part of the fun. So, think about what matters most to you before deciding. I have also seen many people buying a Clash Royale account and it helped them to quickly access higher-level gameplay and unique advantages within the game. Still, we should know that Clash Royale and Pokemon are different games.

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