Decoding Nostalgia- How to Join AOL Chat Rooms

Chat rooms were the good old days. With social media being no more than just an idea and features like video calling and screen sharing, not even in the picture, chat rooms were a fun way for people from across the globe to interact with others without losing their anonymity.

Every teenager’s dream setup for this came with the AOL chat rooms. If you are feeling a bit of nostalgia while reading this, welcome to the present written representation of AOL chat rooms.

This piece of writing will go through the good old days of AOL and how to join AOL chat rooms, and how to create one back in the day.

Memories You Forgot Existed with AOL Chat Listings and Rooms

  • Hilarious User Rooms

We all used to come up with nonsensical words for usernames for the sake of looking cool. But what else can one even do when their summer vacation thrill is changing usernames and bike rides in the evening?

  • Friendly Warnings

This was the first prank online that went too far for some. You had the option of pranking everyone everywhere one could think of. Bored? Beep. Going out? Beep.

How to Join AOL Chat Rooms

Step 1: Access the keyword window by pressing Ctrl+K and enter AOL Chat Room Listings in the text field to hit Go.

Step 2: Now, double-click on any category to proceed forward.

Step 3: Pick the room you want to enter and visit the chat room by clicking on Go.

AOL Chat Rooms Creation- The Process

Step 1: Make use of the AOL chat listings keyword to access the chat listings window and hit the “start your chat link.”

Step 2: Hit on the member chat link to proceed forward.

Step 3: Click on the name of the category twice under which you want the chat room to appear.

Step 4: Enter the name of the room in the appropriate field. Hit the Go button to save and get started with your chat room.

Chat Ends Here

Even though the AOL chat rooms came to an untimely downfall back in 2010, there is no doubt that the platform was as good as it came. Getting into one seems like child’s play, and the creation of one isn’t rocket science either. That’s it from our end on the nostalgic note of AOL chat rooms. For more technical info and tips, stay tuned.

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