Remedies to Remove Dark Circles Under the Eyes for Men


Most of the men have faced or already facing dark circles under the eyes, if we look deeply into this it is a cosmetic concern and not a health issue.

I have heard from most of the men that dark circles under their eyes make them feel old, less energetic and it lowers their self-confidence also.

Most of the girls can wear makeup to hide their dark circles but when it comes to men most of them are not comfortable wearing makeup at all.

So is there any other alternatives for men to hide their dark circle under the eyes? Yes, there are many alternatives by which men can get rid of the dark circles under their eyes and today we will talk about them.


How to Treat Dark Circles Under Eyes

There are many things you can try to treat dark circles under your eyes without the help of any makeup products:- 

1. Change your Diet

If you think tiredness, stress & lack of sleep are the causes of Dark Circles then you wrong, the biggest cause of dark circles is your diet. Quite often, it is the deficiency of nutrients that causes dark circles under your eyes. A few nutrients which are essential to beat these stubborn dark circles are:- 

  • Vitamin C

You don’t know the power of Vitamin C. Food rich in Vitamin C help to minimize the damage caused by exposure to free radical. Vitamin C increases blood circulation & the production of collagen, helping to restore glow and softness.

Source of Vitamin C include Broccoli, Potatoes, Orange & Strawberries.

  • Iron

Consumes more Iron foods & fruits. If you are deficient in Iron, the supply of oxygen in your body tissue is obstructed. This makes skin pale, making dark circles look clear.

Source of Iron included Green Vegetables, Pumpkin Seeds, etc. are some good sources of Iron.

  • Vitamin K

Eat food that is the best source of Vitamin K. Vitamin K has the ability to repair damaged skin & heals skin injuries. Eating Vitamin K on a daily basis help in the disappearance of dark circles under the eyes.

Source of Vitamin K Tomatoes, Pomegranates, etc. are rich sources of Vitamin K.


2. Get More Sleep

Getting proper sleep of 8 hrs. is good for your health and skin scientists say. A lack of sleep typically wouldn’t cause dark circles under your eyes, but it makes your skin pale which can dark circles or shadows under the eyes to appear more clearly. So, proper sleep help in the circulation of blood in a proper manner, and your skin looks brighter.


3. Quit Smoking

Smoking reduces your body’s store of vitamin c. Vitamin C is responsible for creating healthy collagen in your skin, you may suffer from wrinkles, dark circles under your eyes, etc. Quitting smoking also helps to reduce other health problems.


4. Don’t Rub Your Eyes

Rubbing eyes can cause the tiny blood vessels under the skin to burst, leading to dark circles, puffiness & even premature crow’s feet & dropping eyelids.


5. Do Facial Exercises

Exercise is a natural way to get rid of dark circles. Exercise helps to glow skin and looks younger. Facial exercise increases blood circulation and tone of muscle under the eyes. 


6. Use Sunscreen

Sun damage increases the melanin production (the brown color cells in the skin) and that will make dark circles under the eyes very bad. So, choose a good sunscreen that is filled with ceramides that restore the skin’s fence and help nourish and protect the skin. So, choose a sunscreen that is suited for your skin type. 


Home Remedies to Treat Dark Circles Under Eyes


Treatment of dark circles in the home is in your hands. Reducing Dark circles by doing things like facial exercise, sleep proper, minimum use of phone, etc. Apart from this, there are also home remedies to reduce dark circles. The home remedies to reduce dark circles are:-

1. Use Coconut Oil

Coconut oil has moisturizing properties to promote skin health. Coconut oil is very beneficial for delicate skin. When you are going to bed do massage under the eyes with a light hand in a clockwise or anti-clockwise manner and then leaving it there overnight. Perform this 3 times a week and then your dark circles will start reducing. You will get results in 15 days.


2. Use Rose Water

Rosewater works as a good toner for soft skin. If You will apply it on the entire face along with dark circles it will glow your skin and remove the dirty particles in your skin and will make it soft and fresh. Take rose water on cotton balls and do massage in a circular way and then leave it on your entire face. Perform this while you are going to sleep. You will see better results in a week.


3. Cucumber will help lighten dark circles

The properties of cucumber are that it lightens your skin color. That’s why it clear the dark circles under the eyes very quickly. It is mildly astringent helps to clear skin and dry out oil from the skin.

Take thick slices of cucumber and leave them for cooling at least 30 minutes and then keep them on the eyes for at least 20 minutes. Cucumber also provides a cooling effect to the eyes. Do this at least three times a day. After one week, you will start to see results.


4. Use Almond Oil

Vitamin E is found in Almond oil. Almond oil has sclerosant and emollient properties. It helps reduce the appearance of blood vessels under your skin by improving skin tone. It helps soften skin.

For removing dark circles under your eyes take two drops of almond oil before you are going to bed and apply it on your face with a lighter hand and do massage in a clockwise manner and go to sleep. In the morning wash your face with cold water. Do this process three times a week. You will see results very soon and your dark circles will disappear and your skin will look brighter.



There are many options for you to remove your dark circles unless your dark circles are because of aging or other reasons.

If these home remedies don’t work for you, then you should visit a doctor and ask him about any possible medical ways to treat your dark circles.


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