Common Air Conditioner Problems: What’s Wrong with My Air Conditioner?

What’s wrong with my air conditioner? If this is a question that you are asking, then you have come to the right place. We will discuss some of the most common air conditioner problems and how to fix them. First, let’s go over what kind of problems may be happening with your unit. Below we’ll list some topics that we will cover:


The unit is not producing cold air

One of the most common air conditioner problems that people have with their air conditioner is that it suddenly stops producing cold air. It may be because the unit itself has stopped working, or there may be an underlying problem.

The first thing to do if this happens is to check for a blown fuse and reset the breaker. Then turn on your thermostat fan (also known as “the white wire”) for 15 minutes before you call in a repairman. This will often clear out any dust from inside of the system and get things back up and running again quickly without having to pay someone else by waiting hours while they are at work! If none of these steps help, it is advisable to contact an HVAC professional to have the unit repaired.

Some other potential causes of no cold air could be that your compressor is broken, there is a problem with the condenser coil on the outside of your house, or ducts are clogged up and not allowing any cool air into your home. This can happen without you even realizing it until things start getting hot inside! Calling in an expert will allow them to find out where the issue lies as well as what needs to be done about it.

Another reason for this problem may come from dirty filters – if these get too full they won’t let enough fresh air through which will lead to warmer temperatures in your home than you had expected when running ac units all day long without blowing anything but warmish-cold air.


It’s too noisy: Common Air Conditioner Problems

There are possible reasons why the air conditioner becomes too noisy. One of the following is a loud buzzing noise in an air conditioner unit:

  • Loose parts.
  • Debris indoors and outdoors, including faulty fan blades.
  • A dirty filter or condenser coil and leaking in the refrigerant.

Tip: For a quick fix to make your air conditioner quieter when it starts up check for any items that might have been placed against the outside cover of your air conditioning system housing – like a box or lawn furniture – which may be vibrating as the compressor kicks on. If you find anything remove it from the area so there is less vibration noise during operation.

Additionally, look at any vents inside your home where airflow could be constricted by objects (i.e., curtains) hanging too close to them; this can cause an increase in sound levels because of added resistance to the airflow. If your air conditioner still making a loud buzzing noise and you cannot identify why it’s happening then call an HVAC technician to come out.


It’s leaking water from the condenser coil

And it may be dripping on the floor or making puddles in front of your house.

What should you do? Inspect the condenser coils for signs of leakage, and check to see if it has a water drain. Some debris or corrosion might likely be clogging up the air conditioner’s drainage system. The problem could also stem from an improperly pressurized refrigerant line.

You will need to have your technician inspect these two possibilities before rectifying any issues with them. Make sure to call in professional help immediately if there is severe flooding because this can lead to mold growth and structural damage inside your home.


Ice Forming on Your Evaporator Coils

This means that frost has built up inside your unit and you need to defrost it to get rid of the problem.

This is a problem because the frost will make it impossible for your AC to properly cool down the room. You’ll probably see an increase in energy consumption as well, and if you stay inside this environment long enough, then you’re going to start feeling bad.

So, take your unit outside and let it run for about 15 minutes. This will give the coils some time to dry off, which should allow you to get rid of this problem naturally. If that doesn’t work then you’re going to need a new AC system altogether – or at least one with an upgraded evaporator coil design!

If your air conditioning is not working properly, here are two common air conditioner problems: The compressor might be broken; there may also be too much ice on the evaporator coils that needs defrosting.

  • There are dark spots on your ceiling or walls where moisture is getting into them through cracks in the insulation around the outside of your ductwork – this can lead to mold growth and other expensive problems.
  • The moisture from your home’s air conditioner ducts is getting into the insulation and causing it to mold. The dark spots may also be caused by water leaking from a broken pipe or another leak in your house, but this problem often leads to mold growth as well.

There are two main causes for these problems: lack of upkeep checking on the outside of HVAC systems that aren’t insulated; and/or poor installation practices like using unvented (direct-expansion) heaters installed too close to an exterior wall with no space provided around them for adequate ventilation.

These can lead to condensation dripping back down onto walls, ceilings, etc., resulting in dampness inside walls which encourages mold growth among many other things.


Your A/C won’t turn off even when it reaches its desired temperature setting, which wastes energy and money.

If your A/C won’t turn off when it reaches its desired temperature setting, this is a problem. It wastes energy and money because the unit has to keep running all day long to maintain that level of comfort. Check these few things below: –

Is there an operational thermostat? If not, then you will need to replace it with one that operates properly. Thermostats control how much power goes into the system by allowing different levels for cooling or heating set points.

The higher the thermostat setting number, the colder air will blow out from inside your ducts – this may be why your AC isn’t turning off!

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