Tekmetric Login: Auto Repair Shop Management

Shop owners have a new automation paradise. Business expansion and management have become child’s play, courtesy of the Tekmetric auto repair software. This Tekmetric login makes streamlining easier for any operation. In case you aren’t familiar with the shop.tekmetric login software, allow us to share our expertise on the same so you can better understand how the software is helping businesses.

Definition – Tekmetric

For those of you that don’t understand technical terms, it is an online cloud-based management system that has been developed specifically for auto repair shops. It also allows owners to improve the overall efficiency and service quality by streamlining all of the services available.

It even offers a digital platform that helps connect individuals from different service departments in an auto repair shop, be it mechanics, managers, service writers, technicians, etc., and even offers a streamlined workflow for all the processes.

To make things better, features like data sync and multi-platform operations in real time are also available. It is pretty lightweight in terms of being a platform and works brilliantly, even with a modest internet connection.

The advanced features include digital vehicle inspection, inventory management, time scheduling and tracking, various kinds of vehicle reports, etc. To access every feature with the Tekmetric dashboard, you will need to log in to your Tekmetric account.

Features Brought to you by Tekmetric

  • Centralized Communication – With the use of a single system, communication can get better, and information can be updated quicker.
  • Markup Matrices – Easily get started with your labor margins and component to lock them up via markup matrices that are manually adjustable for every task in the firm.
  • Real-Time Reports – Data at your fingertips automatically, KPI monitoring, and astute financial planning for the future.
  • Transparent DVIs – Increasing client trust, getting work approval easily for clients, and understanding the problem better.
  • Streamlined Workflows – Consistent project flow, and repair process, for collaboration and improved efficiency.
  • Inventory – Component orders, reconciliation, and inventory audits can be streamlined via the use of inventory and reporting with relative ease.
  • Computerized Vehicle Inspection – Simply known as a process that is crystal and aims to boost confidence and client loyalty.
  • Tekmerchant – Payment processes made simpler for both ends of the deal.
  • Tekmessage – Communication has now a different way to move within the company without any misses.

Here’s How to Log In: Tekmetric Login

Every individual in the shop that makes use of a Tekmetric CBA login can access their account by visiting the official website. Below are the steps for the same;


  • Start by arranging the login password from the owner.
  • Try using a proper internet connection that is in continued supply.
  • Any device that has a Chrome web browser can offer the best computability. The screen of the device must be a 10-inch screen.

Tekmetric Login Guide

Now that we have understood the beforehand requirements, let us get to the Tekmetric shop login.

  • Try accessing a secure web browser and visit this link.
  • From there, you will need to click on the sign at the top right corner of the website.
  • To top it off, type the login credentials and hit the sign-in button.
  • If the login credentials are correct, you will get redirected to the dashboard page for the user.

Password Reset Process: Tekmetric Login

  • Access the login page and hit the forgot password link that is on the login form.
  • As per the login page, click on the password reset process will pop up.
  • From there, type the email address and verify the captcha to click on the reset button.
  • Upon following this, an email will be sent for the password reset process.
  • Simply hit the reset link and create a new password to end the proceedings.

Tekmetric CBA Login Activation

It is important for new employees to activate their accounts before accessing their accounts. A link will be sent to every new user, and the same remains valid for 24 hours. Check the email account to locate the activation link and use the same. In case the activation link hasn’t been used, you will require a new link which can be sent by the shop admin via visiting the profile section of the employee.

Easier Tips for Tekmetric Sign In

  • Before logging in, ensure that the web page used for accessing is safe.
  • Try entering the correct login details every time you try to log in to avoid getting locked out of the account.
  • The use of a stable and high-speed internet connection can be beneficial.
  • At the end of it all, the tech support by Tekmetric is always there in case there are any issues.

Clock in, Clock Out, With Tekmetric Clock

Even though most people don’t know about this, the Tekmetric clock allows employees to keep track of the time they have been in the shop. They can manage their time clock with relative ease, and there are three important time clock records.

  • During break time
  • Clock out time
  • At the time of entering the shop

Clock in Steps

  • On the login page, access your account to begin with.
  • From there, click the profile link available in the top right corner.
  • Click on the clock-in option, and once the icon turns green from red, your clock-in time has started.

Pause Steps

  • After logging in, access the profile icon located at the top right corner.
  • Hit the “take a break” link to pause the clock.
  • Once that is done, the icon will turn yellow.
  • As soon as you are back, click the end break button, and the icon will be green again.

Clock Out Steps

  • Hit the profile icon as done before and click on the clock-out link.
  • Before you leave, make sure that the icon turns red from green.


The pricing for this brilliant software is based on four different plans that are available for customers. All four are available for users, no matter the number of users or devices. Plans and costs differ simply on the basis of extra features and services.

Below are the four plans that are in store;

  • Scale- 399$/month
  • Start- 99$/month
  • Multi-shop- Redirect to the website for the prices of this plan
  • Grow- 299$/month


Q.1 Define the support offered by Tekmetric to the customers?

Tekmetric auto repair shop management software is known to offer digital vehicle inspections, estimates, repair orders, inventory, job progress, customer support, etc.

Q.2 Are there any other applications that Tekmetric can be integrated with?

Below are the following applications that integrate with Tekmetric with relative ease;

  • Kukui
  • Flock
  • Slash
  • Autoflow
  • QuickBooks
  • Podium
  • Broadly
  • Repair Shop Solutions

Q.3 What exactly is Tekmetric?

One can think of it as a modern solution for shop management that’s rather easy to navigate and operates on the cloud. It offers you the ability and flexibility required to innovate your business.

Q.4 Is it possible to access the account via a mobile application?

It is possible to access the account on a mobile application. The process is rather simple, and one only needs credentials and an active internet connection.

That’s it from our end. We hope that this Tekmetric article has all the essential information you were hoping to learn with our blog.

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