IoHelper – Easiest Way to Download and Use third-party Applications on iPhone

Everything has pros and cons, and so does an iPhone. Having an iPhone elevates your status, but it restricts you from using many useful third-party apps. Since we’re talking about the iPhone, the mobile which comes out with a better version every year by defeating various challenges, it has also conquered this challenge with the help of With the use of, you can download any application that is non-permissible for iPhone users.

What is is an American third-party app that helps iOS and Android users download many valuable applications. Apart from that, users can also download – Gacha club, Faceapp,  Terraria, FIFA, Pokemon Go, Cinema HD, Minecraft & Tiktok. 

How Can You Download Apps & Games Using iohelper? 

Step 1: Go to & proceed to click on ‘Open Safely’

Step 2: New page will open up displaying apps and games belonging to different categories, available to download. Note: If you don’t find the desired apps or games in the ‘Featured Categories’ section, you must scroll down to explore the trending apps and latest updates of iohelper.

Step 3: Choose to download the setup of the desired app. 

Step 4: Once the setup is downloaded, follow all the instructions carefully to install the app. 

Step 5: After successful installation, Go to ‘SETTINGS’ > General > Profile and Device Management, then choose the profile name. 

Step 6: Click on the ‘Verify’. 

Step 7: Your profile will get updated once you’re successfully verified. 

What Are The Benefits Of Using

When children get something stealthily that their parents had restricted them from using, their level of happiness gets beyond reach. The same happens with iPhone users who enjoy apps not in the App store. There are several benefits of using iohelper, which are as follows – 

  • Freely Use Restricted & Paid Apps

iPhone users can only use the apps present in the App store. And many other apps require you to pay the said amount to use the apps. It infuriates iPhone users and starts to miss their ‘Android Life’. But not anymore. is the ray of hope in that scenario. It allows you to use apps which require premium in AppStore for free.

This isn’t it. is equally beneficial for android users. As we know, the Government tends to ban certain apps from time to time, owing to its rivalry with other nations or for ‘n’ number of reasons. In that scenario, the particular apps’ users get frustrated as they feel like they are being thrown out of their comfy digital space.

Like, recently, it happened with Tik Tok and PubG. Indian Government banned these apps, but its users were terribly against the decision. Many TikTok influencers lost their accounts which had millions of followers. PubG users found it challenging to make themselves comfortable with other thrilling apps. There came This website didn’t let TikTok and PubG users stay sad and infuriated for long. 

  • Easy Downloading & Installation

iohelper is unlike usual websites that require you to go through a comprehensive process to download an app or game. Click on download, and the setup will get downloaded within seconds or a few minutes. Immediately after the setup is downloaded, you can easily install the app on your device. All you have to do is – ‘Follow The Instructions Carefully’. 

After that, you’ve to grant some permission to that app from SETTINGS. And you must update your profile which’ll be verified. You can access the app once you’re verified. Easy Peasy?  

  • It’s Safe

A lot of discussions have already taken place with Is it safe or not? Many claim this website to be a potential scam, while others haven’t found anything wrong with it. We’ve personally checked this website and gone through each and every review about it. Ultimately, we came down to the point that iohelper is potentially safe. 

But, for your security, we suggest not installing any app or game through this website if your phone has a lot of confidential data like – personal photos/videos, business agreements and bank information. 

  • It’s Not An App, It’s A Website 

The heading ‘It’s Not An App, It’s A Website’ might have sounded confusing to you. But it is what it is! If it had been an app, you would have to download it first to download the further apps. It would have consumed your phone’s storage and much of your data. Also, a thought would keep clicking: “Is this app safe? It’s in my phone! What if it steals my confidential data?”. Fortunately, it’s not an app; it’s a website. 

Final Comments

Iohelper is a boon for both iPhone and android users. It can help them access restricted and paid apps for free. Besides, it includes an easy-to-download and installs process while maintaining safety and security. 

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