How To Sync Your iPhone Photos With Amazon Prime Photos?

Amazon Prime Photos is a great service that allows you to store images online quickly and with an exceptionally fast upload and download speed. The advantage of Amazon Prime Photos is certainly its incredible speed, but also the fact that you can store and back up your images very fast. But how can you sync your iPhone photos with the Amazon Prime Photos service?

A fast and immediate transfer solution

What makes Amazon Prime Photos different is certainly its incredible quality and the fact it can help store a plethora of images without any issues. With that in mind, Amazon Prime Photos has a desktop app, and you can use that to sync your photos in a convenient way.

  • The first thing you need to do is to download the Amazon Photos desktop app on the computer. Then you will need to install Amazon Photos and use your Amazon account to sign in. After that, you receive guidelines on how to use the service.
  • Go to the Backup tab, and here you want to press Add Backup
  • After that, pick the folder which has photos acquired from the storage provider. Once you do that, you can ensure the images will be added to the account while also being on your device.

Can you set the backup preferences and sync Amazon Prime Photos with your iPhone?

Yes, you can go to the Amazon Prime Photos app settings, and here you can enable the sync option. Aside from that, you also have another set of options such as recurring transfers, and backups. You can enable or disable any of these options according to your requirements. That way it will save time, while also negating any possible problems that can appear.

Is it safe to use Amazon Prime Photos?

The Amazon Storage system is known for being one of the top options in the industry. If you need efficient, comprehensive, and professional storage, this is the best option you should use. We highly recommend using Amazon Prime Photos because it helps create a backup for all your images, while also keeping things simple and convenient. There’s another benefit here in the form of immediate transfers and constant updates, so you never feel that you’re dealing with a lack of information. That’s where the true value of Amazon Prime Photos comes into play, and you will find it to work extremely well.

In addition, with Amazon Prime Photos, you can have a proper backup and it’s possible to access it from any device. That’s great because you don’t have to use only a specific device, you can go with multiple ones if you want. It can help save time, while implementing a very cohesive and comprehensive set of tools to make that a reality. The syncing process is very convenient, and that’s why Amazon Prime Photos is a solid option for anyone that wants to keep their iPhone photos secure. Use this service today and see how it can safeguard your images!

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