How to Start Blogging Website

If you want to start a website blogging but do not know how to start, take no worry. I will help you to know about the steps you are to follow to start blogging

1. Unleashing ideas:

You really need something specific if you want to create a blog. Have in mind that no matter how good an idea is, should be unique. When you choose your blog niche, two key questions to ask yourself.

  • Whether I relish learning about this topic?
  • Do other people also take interest in this too?

2. Choosing a name for the blog:

Choose a name for your blog. This is your brand. This is how people would remember your brand. You do not have to overthink that. A brand gets magic over time. A domain is also important to choose. The domain is where your blog lives on the internet. Some tips for choosing an excellent domain are as follows:

  • Choosing a .com when possible.
  • Do not include numbers, hyphens.
  • You must keep the name short.
  • It must be easy to say.

3. Grab Web Hosting:

Now the time comes for your blog to come live. You may be seen it as complicated but it is as easy as it sounds. To start you would need web hosting and a domain name. Luckily, Bluehost a web hosting company gives both as a package deal. Go to Bluehost and explore it for further information.

There are also many Bluehost discount offers available for domain name registration and web hosting. So grab the offer before it is gone and get started on your blogging journey.

4. Install WordPress:

You cannot go with your blog with no blogging software. WordPress is a very good blogging website software and is free, user friendly. If you are making a blog that is not on WordPress, you will see that it is very costly compared to WordPress. On WordPress, you can use many free plugins which will help you to modify your blog in any shape.

5. Designing a blog with the help of a WordPress theme:

WordPress designs are called themes. You have to look for something that suits your name and brand. Thousands of themes are there to pick from. You can adapt the best one from there which will suit your blog or blogging.

6. Optimizing WordPress blog:

A number of customizations that you can make on a WordPress blog. WordPress also has plugins that can make the functionality of the blog extendable. For instance, you can make use of plugins to forums, sliders, etc. But to get started, click on the “Customize” buttons on a theme.

7. Brainstorming blog topics:

Brainstorm the topics on which to write. These can be the topics that excite, intrigue, and make your reader passionate to know about. Keep brainstorming and find them wisely.

8. Writing the first masterpiece:

After brainstorming topics and selecting whom to write at, you are good to go. Write in a good way. Include in your writing the elements that would excite, make your readers engage with you and that would urge them to read more. Once you have included all these good elements in your blog, get ready to grab a good number of audiences.

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