Atlas FUSD Login: Fresno Unified School District Student Portal

What if there was a way to combine education and technology to get a performance-driven program for students, teachers, and parents? We present to you, The Atlas FUSD login guide. The perfect educational portal for all parties involved to get data-driven results, for enhancing performance, and to better understand how children are doing in the academic division.

But what is it actually about, and what is this Fresno unified student portal that has all the hype these days? Let us get right into it.

Fresno Unified Atlas Defined

For those of you who don’t associate the internet and education, the Fresno Unified Atlas has a history that goes back 2 centuries. As of today, Fresno is operating around 64 elementary schools, 15 middle schools, 8 high schools, 4 alternative schools, and 3 special schools, with more than 74,000 students in the whole program.

A school directory is also available on their official website where parents can get access to details like address, name, principal name, email address, and even contact numbers.

Portal Features: Fresno Unified Student Portal

There are plenty of excellent services in store, including information, news, and resources for the students. Students can access it all by the dashboard page from their accounts. Here is what the left sidebar on the homepage of the Atlas student login will offer;

  • Strides: This offers information about the learning and the performance curve of the student.
  • Summary: The default section is the first thing a user might see.
  • Attendance: This can come in handy for checking attendance and performance on the basis of different factors.
  • Assessment: Results are available here in accordance with the grade level of the student.
  • My Devices: In case a device was issued by the school premises, be it a laptop, tablet, or any other kind of device, it gets listed in the My Devices section. To check which devices have been issued to them, students can simply log in and make their way to this section.
  • Grades: This section can offer helpful information relevant to the schedule, GPA trends, and information related to class work. After login, students can get an overview of their grades in the same section.

Prerequisites for Atlas FUSD Login

Before you move forward with the atlas FUSD login, here are some things that can help students log in with relative ease;

  •   The students should be registered on the official website with the appropriate username and password.
  •   The student portal can only be accessed with a valid URL.
  •   Use a secure device to access the URL for the FUSD Atlas student portal.
  •   The internet connection should be secure and stable.

After you have completed the prerequisites for the login, follow the steps below in the same order;

  •   Begin by visiting the website of Fresno unified atlas.
  •   From the “students” menu, click on the “Atlas student portal” link from under the section. The Fresno unified student portal login screen would pop up.
  •   Simply enter your username and password in the given login form to access the Atlas FUSD student account.

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Forgot Atlas FUSD Password? Here’s How to Do It

In case a student doesn’t remember their Atlas FUSD login password, it can be recovered with relative ease via the Atlas student portal, with the option of resetting the password online for students of grade 5 and above.

  •   For starters, visit the Atlas student portal and click on the “forgot password” link.
  •   Right after this, enter the student ID and username to hit the “next” button.
  •   After that, answer the security question and hit “next.”
  •   Once the correct answer has been entered, you will be able to create a new password.

Teachers can assist students below 5th grade in resetting their passwords.

Via the Parent Portal

Primary guardians that have gone through the registration process can reset the password by logging via the parent portal. Simply visit the “portal access” section after the login is complete and reset the current password by following the instructions on the screen.

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FUSD Atlas Student Portal Username Retrieval

It is mandatory for students and parents to remember the username for different websites, learning applications, and other essential resources. If, for some reason, the student has forgotten the username for the portal, there are multiple ways to recover the same.

  • Via the Staff Portal: Staff from the office also have the ability to recover and share the username with students.
  • Assistance from Teacher: The ATLAS portal can be accessed by teachers to find the username.
  • Via Scorecard or the Progress Report: Check the bottom of the scorecard or the progress report of the student to find the username.
  • Via the Parent Portal: Parents can access the username via the parent portal to visit the same section. The student username is accessible from the portal access tab.


  • What is the official portal for Atlas FUSD?

The link here is the official FUSD atlas student portal that can be visited by the students to access their account without any worries (

  • How do I log in to Atlas FUSD?

The steps for logging in to the Atlas FUSD account is mentioned in a detailed manner in the blog above. For those of you looking to save time, visit the link-username and password-login.

  • What is Atlas FUSD?

In simpler terms, it is a platform that makes things easier for parents, teachers, and students alike. The portal has significantly made education more accessible for students.

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