How to Get Content Ideas From What’s Trending on YouTube

If you are trying to come up with content ideas for your YouTube channel, it may be worthwhile to explore what is trending on YouTube. Some channels like Outro For Youtube can quickly get over one million views on one of their videos, some in the seven-figure range. Knowing what’s working and why others are finding success can help you brainstorm ideas of your own, help you write compelling video descriptions, help you search the right keywords, and help you create an identity around what kinds of videos you will be creating and publishing to YouTube.

How To Find Trending Topics For Youtube Videos?

We live in a world that is constantly changing. Our interests change, technology changes and people change. That is why it can be hard to keep up with what is happening in our local communities or across our nation. 

We may have an idea of what people care about based on conversations with friends and family, but there may be trends happening that we are not aware of. There are many ways you can find out what’s trending in your community, especially regarding things like YouTube videos. 

Here are some different ways you can check out trends:

1) Search For Hashtags

Searching for hashtags on Google, YouTube, Twitter, and Instagram can be a fun way to discover content ideas for your videos. If you have a specific niche or topic, search for related hashtags by looking at what people are talking about online. All sorts of videos get posted with popular trending hashtags – short stories, animations, educational pieces, and more. Take time to review some of these popular posts and try adding something unique to your video to make it stand out from the crowd. You can even reach out directly to creators if you want more details or want them to collaborate with you somehow.

2) Check out The Most Watched Videos

Like Facebook offers us a list of our most active friends, so does YouTube. To get a list of videos that have been watched repeatedly, check out What’s Popular On YouTube. This is an easy way to get video content ideas, provided you do your research and adapt them to your niche.

3) Use Current Trends as Inspiration

Video content is hot, but it takes a lot of time and effort. How can you create engaging content without sinking hours into brainstorming ideas and shoots? A quick search of what’s trending on YouTube might offer some inspiration for your next video. Whether you’re looking for viral success or simply an idea you can develop into something more substantial, checking out what’s trending on one of the world’s biggest video sites could give you that boost of inspiration you need. Skip those last-minute idea dumps and check out what makes these videos unique. Researching how they were created and using them as reference points will help ensure your end product will be engaging, well-thought-out, and original.

4) Use tools

If you want an objective way to get content ideas, use tools like Google Trends or SocialBlade. These websites allow you to enter a keyword and see what trends are doing well and which ones aren’t. For example, if I entered a youtube video editor, I would find over 17 million searches per month. That tells me there is some interest in learning how people edit videos for youtube! If you want to take your video editing skills to the next level, consider using an online video editor. This tool provides a convenient and user-friendly platform to edit your videos directly in your web browser, without the need for any software installation. With an online video editor, you can easily trim, merge, and add effects to your videos, enhancing their overall quality and appeal.

5) View Top Categories By Subscribers

Subscriber count doesn’t directly indicate views, but it can hint at what type of content is working. To see top categories by subscriber count, click Trending and scroll past videos sorted by views to Top Channels. Click View All next to one of those channels to see a list of its most popular categories. The more subscribers a channel has, the larger it will be in your search results. Take that information and apply it to your niche—after all, if people are watching hundreds of videos about headphones for dogs, maybe you should create one yourself!

6) Look at Everyone Watching

New YouTubers are often afraid of running out of content ideas—but it’s as easy as looking at what everyone else is doing! The first step is figuring out who you want to be and then studying everyone else that fits that mold. For example, let’s say you want to be a makeup artist for Japanese K-pop girl bands (yes, it’s a real thing). You would look at makeup artists who specialize in Japanese pop stars and note how they conduct themselves online. This will help you see their tone, how they talk about particular topics, and what type of content would work well for them. Look through your notes whenever you need an idea or inspiration; you’ll find tons of ideas here!

7) Search The Most Viewed Comments

For example, let’s say you want to publish a post about Bitcoin. In that case, head over to Google Trends and type in Bitcoin. Next, click See Full Report and sort by Top Charts. That will show you what people are searching for around Bitcoin right now. One search term that comes up is Bitcoin. This is because people are looking up videos they can watch that explain what Bitcoin is. Some of these popular videos could be simple, and some might be complex. But they all probably have something valuable to teach if you sit down and take notes.

8) Explore Popular Tags and Tags That are New

If you know what’s trending, it might be easier to develop content ideas for your video. You can click around in Youtube Analytics and click through different sections of Top Videos, Most Viewed Today, and even more specific sections like Trending in 2023. By clicking around on other pages on Youtube, you can get an idea of what kinds of videos are popular right now. If you want content ideas that will work with a longer-term strategy, check out New Trends – these are generally niche trends that don’t require a lot of views per day (or week). Once you know what kinds of videos people are interested in watching right now, it’s time to brainstorm ideas based on those keywords.

9 ) Try the Related Video Feature

One of my favorite tricks for finding awesome video content ideas is checking out related videos on YouTube. If a bunch of people are watching a video about, say, astrophysics, there’s an untapped need for another video (maybe your idea) in which people can learn more about it. So check out what’s already being watched and consider creating something similar. If there are thousands of views on videos related to your topic, you may have found a goldmine. Make sure you read how to make cool youtube intro Videos too! After all, you’re going to need one soon. 

10 ) Use Google Trends

One of my favorite ways to get content ideas is by looking at what people are searching for online. If you have a Youtube channel, you should be using Google Trends to see what people are searching for related to your topic. This allows you to create more targeted videos, which will attract more viewers and help grow your channel. Most importantly, it enables you to stand out from others that might be doing similar topics with less engagement or fewer views. If they’re not already implementing Google Trends into their marketing plan, they should seriously consider it!


Now, you’re ready to develop content ideas for your business. Remember that it doesn’t need to be a completely original idea. Use what people are looking for online and focus your attention there. For example, you can be one of the first to write an extensive guide on how to change your car battery or get rid of nasty pests around your home. You will most likely get some good traffic if you cover those topics – and even if you don’t, at least that visiting will see your name as someone they can trust when they need more information in that area down the road!

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