Meme Origins- How Long Do Idiots Live

The annals of internet history since 2010 have been rife with the social phenomenon called ‘memes.’ These bundles of visual joy have served as a source of laughter and unbounded joy for users across the world.

It is often said that memes unite people where culture and languages fail to unite, acting as a global culture for every person, regardless of age or gender, to be a part of; the only catch is that they should understand the meme in question.

This has become more difficult as time has passed but then came a meme that anyone could understand, no matter where they come from. This legendary meme comes from the world-famous short video content creation platform- TikTok.

When their users are not busy dancing to popular tunes in their mom’s basement, they’re busy giving birth to legendary memes. The apex of which is ‘How Long do Idiots Live for.’

How Long Do Dumb People Live- A Short Origin Story

While a lot of you may know this meme, there must be many who don’t. So, for the many that don’t, here’s a brief backstory to this legendary meme. Back in the year 2015, Google, the global search engine, focused on giving the most precise answers to questions.

This being a fact at the time prompted users to Google questions that would return hilariously accurate answers. One such question that found itself being at the forefront of meme pages worldwide was the question “How long do idiots live” to which Google came up with the answer of 12-15 years. This sent users across the world in a tizzy as they started relating it to their friends and family with messages like “We’ll miss you” and other similar messages.

This would almost certainly be accompanied by the popular Zara Larsson track ‘Never Forget You’ as a means to relate sadness and to convince the user that the said person was passing away.

The Science Behind the How Long Do Idiots Live for

While it may not seem real, there was reason for Google to return the 12-15 years answer whenever the question “How long do stupid people live?”, and that is why the hilarious response becomes seemingly justified.

How long do idiots live

The Meme Aftermath

The aftermath of the meme was the creation of more popular sub-memes that would relate to the lifespan of different things and people; a popular offshoot of this meme was when it was asked, “How long does garbage last” and then the same would be related to a users friend, relative, or more! Making the How long do idiots live meme the predecessor of some of the most popular memes that the internet had seen beyond just TikTok.

The Short of it All

The conclusion to draw from this is that memes have hilarious origins that can come from practically anywhere; the spontaneous creation and spread of the How long do stupid people live for the meme is a testament to the random and spontaneous nature of the internet that adds to the hilarity and fun of being a part of this global culture.

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