Weight Loss Diet | Exercises & Yoga to reduce belly fat & love handles

weight loss diet  – We have all heard and listen to the stories that a guy who was weighing 80kg or 90 kgs dropped 10 kg of weight by just changing a simple food in his diet. Well, this kind of drastic weight loss is possible but it does not work all the time. Here, I will tell you to step by step weight loss for men’s guide to reduce your tummy fat or just to be fit. Just remember you can too be fit just like the same person whom you see on your youtube and wish and too had that same physique.

Let’s get started

In this post I will tell you about below mentioned points

  • Have a definite goal in mind
  • Exercise to reduce belly fat
  • Start Eating fruits and vegetables
  • Cut down on processed foods
  • Take breaks
  • Stay away from magic diets
  • Eat Healthy Breakfast
  • To burn those extra Calories stay active
  • Decrease your food intake by 100 calories per day.
  • Enjoy the process

Have a definite goal in mind.

Set goals-Weight Loss Diet

This is the most important step from all of the steps. Guys please have a definite goal in mind before getting into any type of fitness. For example, your goal can be to reduce love handles or how yoga helps in weight loss, or how to reduce belly fats, and so on. If you have set an amount of weight that you’d like to reduce write it down somewhere so it will act as a reminder. Then weigh yourself every single there are many studies and researches have been done that shows daily monitoring of your weight enhances the weight loss for men. A tip to keep in mind a scale does not distinguish between the amount of fat and lean body mass but it helps to keep things checked.

As of now, I have assumed that you must have decided the goal therefore what you are looking for it e.g love handles or yoga, etc. If you have not decided your goal yet please don’t read further because it will not add value and it will be just a piece of information that you have read online.


Exercise to reduce belly fat.

Exercise to reduce body fat- Weight Loss Diet

Everyone is busy in their own world, but you always have time to exercise no matter how busy you are. You can start by working out only in weekends and later on increase it. The center of disease control and prevention (CDC) recommends 150 minutes of moderate activity a week you young adults as well as for men. Start with the basic exercise just get your body moving we will also put up a detailed workout for weight loss for men so stay tuned.

 As of now, I am assuming you are not doing exercise so therefore start with basic movement also there is a certain exercise that directly targets your love handle and there are also exercises which target your belly fat only. Your feet do not move by themselves. So get up guys and start moving.


Start Eating fruits and vegetables.

Fruits and vegetables

Weight Loss Diet – The main benefits of fruits and vegetables is that it fills you up quickly and provide fiber in your body and have fewer calories which will help in weight loss. Many people have a problem eating vegetables so what, I recommend is to start by having a salad before having your meals.

 Salad provides the bulk of fibers which will fill you up and reduce your calorie overall. There will be some people reading this may think that fruit contains fructose don’t you worry guys fruit will not make you gain weight that includes high sugar fruits melons and banana.

After completing all the 3 steps you will feel changes are happening in your body because of all your weekend’s workouts and eating veggies. You will feel a little bit lethargic but don’t worry it’s just because your getting calorie deficit now what is calorie deficit we are going to cover it in a bit.

In addition, one key aspect of successful weight loss is being mindful of the foods you should avoid while taking Ozempic, as they can impede your progress and compromise the benefits of the medication.

A tip to keep in mind a scale does not distinguish between the amount of fat and lean body mass but it helps to keep things checked.

Cut down on processed foods.

processed foods

Processed food often contains an excess of sodium and other ingredient which you don’t need in your body during the phase of weight loss. By consuming too much sodium can hurt your heart and create future problems with your health such as the problem of high blood pressure. The basic guidelines that are given are that people should not consume over 2300 milligrams of sodium per day. That may sound like crazy but once you develop the habit of checking nutrition labels on the back of your food you will realize how quickly you cross the given threshold.

Therefore you can reduce the amount of exercise you are doing but you can’t compromise on having processed foods to give a basic idea of what is processed foods can thing that is packed such as wafers, chocolate, etc is processed food.


Take breaks.

If you have a sitting job or a desk job it is recommended that you take a break every 40 to 45 mins. We will cover this topic in the near future how you should set up your desk while working on how you should sit and what kind of stretching you should do while having a desk job. As of now walk a little bit go for a chai break or have a little chat with your office colleague.

Stay away from magic diets.

Magic diets

If you want to follow Weight Loss Diet then guys please stay away from all kind of magic diet which give you reduce your belly fat in 10 days or reduce your love handles in one week. Your body doesn’t work like that it takes time. By taking such magic diets you will get demotivated because you will not see any results and it will be just a waste of your time, money as well as your energy. Be consistent even if you do little bit be consistent in it and work your ass off. You will see results and you will lose your weight but not by following any magic diet.

Eat Healthy Breakfast.

Healthy breakfast

Your breakfast doesn’t need to be fancy take a yogurt a piece of fruit and a handful of nuts and make a smoothie with some boiled eggs or scramble them. A review published in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition stated that those who eat breakfast are more successful with long term weight maintenance. Other research has also shown the same for weight loss.

To burn those extra Calories, stay active.

Stay active

It simply means that you guys should stop being a potato couch and avoid sitting in front of a computer, tv, phone, etc. all-day. Stand and you will burn more and you will do more, therefore, you will be more productive. Taking the stairs instead of an elevator can help burn more calories too. This thing will not have a drastic effect on your success but every little bit helps when it comes to physical activity.

Decrease your food intake by 100 calories per day.

No to calories

This means you measure the number of calories that you are having in a day. Many of you will think about how can we measure we don’t have proper tools. Don’t worry guys, there are plenty of online apps which helps you to measure the calories of the food that you are having. Reducing 100 calories per day it translates into reducing 1 pound per month. A tip which you can do is by using a smaller plate and bowls since it makes less food look more


Enjoy the process.

As the 1st step is important similarly last step is very crucial for your weight loss. If you don’t enjoy the process of weight loss without worrying about the end result you will surely do wonders in the field of fitness as well as in any field.

Hope you guys practically apply all this information and do mention how was your results in the comment section below

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