Top Benefits of Using a Personal Loan EMI Calculator

Bangalore city has witnessed a continuous spike in the number of people seeking personal loans over the last few years for various reasons. Even though personal loans may cost you more in terms of interest compared to other loans, numerous borrowers opt for personal loans because these loans can help you in case of an emergency and do not require you to produce collateral.

With that said, many personal loan providers in Bangalore and top lending companies have also fledged their customers with personal loan EMI calculators to make loan calculations easier. The calculator makes use of metrics such as the required loan amount, loan tenure, and interest rate and gets you the payable amount within seconds. Want to know why these EMI calculators are highly trending these days? Read on:


Using a personal loan EMI calculator, you can stay sure about the accuracy of the results. Manual calculations have scope for errors to creep in, but this is not the case when you use a personal EMI calculator because it computes the exact interest you have to pay. Moreover, you do not end up miscalculating the EMI and land in confusion. Not only do you cut down the chances of any errors creeping in using the EMI calculator, but you also get the answers within seconds which save you a lot of time. Also, you can change the tenure period, loan amount, etc., and experiment with different loan amounts to find a tenure and loan amount you can afford.

Simplifies the process of planning for a loan

Proper planning and preparation are mandatory in every aspect, even while taking a loan. Lack of proper planning to repay a loan can lead you into trouble and make you struggle while paying the Emi’s. That is why personal loan EMI calculators prove to be a highly convenient solution that helps you calculate the overall interest and principal amount payable for a loan amount.

It gives you a clear picture of the principal amount and interest break up for the entire duration for which you seek a loan. This amortization schedule lets an individual know the exact rate of interest that is payable every month to settle the loan within the stipulated period. Being able to access this table helps them to plan out their loan-seeking capability beforehand and chalk out ways in which they can manage the payback.

Allows easy comparison

Another important benefit of a personal loan EMI calculator is that it allows you to quickly compare different loan amounts taken over different time periods and the overall interest that one has to pay. Also, you can try this multiple times without facing any sort of hesitation as you would face while asking an intermediary.

You can go on and on trying out different principal amounts and time duration until and unless you reach a conclusion wherein you can afford to pay the EMI without facing any financial crunch. Moreover, since no intermediary is involved while making calculations, you do not have to pay any additional fees.

Easy to use

One of the best benefits of using a personal loan EMI calculator is that it is user-friendly and does not require rocket science knowledge to operate it. Most lending companies in Bangalore have designed their calculator such that the borrower can easily use the calculator without any hassles. Additionally, there are multiple personal loan providers in Bangalore who also offer on-call assistance to the borrowers besides just offering an EMI calculator to guide them about the other proceedings of the loan application process.


These are a few reasons that make the usage of an EMI calculator highly advantageous. So, if you are planning to knock on the doors of personal loan providers in Bangalore, make sure to use their personal loan EMI calculator to run a quick check amongst different providers. This will help you to seek a loan from a provider that best meets your requisite frame.