What Role Does Metabolism Play In Weight Loss?

Weight loss is one of the chronic health problems affecting millions of people. More than 50 million Americans have obesity and are struggling to release excess pounds of fat from their body.

If you want to lose weight now, you will agree that there are multiple methods out there for you to lose weight. People with obesity are faced with dietary supplements, trying out intermittent fasting, weight loss programs, keto, etc.

But how can you possibly know which weight loss method is the best for you? When people think about weight loss, one of the things that pop up is metabolism.

How do metabolism for weight loss and weight gain related? Of course, if you must have a successful weight loss journey, you must have a good metabolism. Metabolism is the term used to describe the chemical and physical processes in the body.

The body’s energy is measured in calories. People tend to lose weight when the number of calories their bodies burn is more than the calories they consume. Also, weight loss occurs when you consume fewer calories and exercise frequently.

The basal metabolic rate (BMR) tells the body’s metabolic set point. Although there is no precise or accurate formula to measure the basal metabolic rate, online calculators can help provide you a good statistics. This tool helps you measure your BMR with special consideration to certain factors such as age, gender, weight, height, body composition, and activity level.

If you are obese or overweight, you may be wondering to know the right way to lose weight – especially the healthy way. To lose weight healthily, you must make some lifestyle changes. Consider changing your diet and live a healthy lifestyle; this will adjust your body fat cells and hormones in the long run.

High-Intensity Workouts and Exercises for weight loss

Body exercise happens to be one of the natural ways to lose weight. Exercise can help you achieve weight loss because when you build muscle mass when you perform workout exercises and your body required more energy to maintain it. It means that you can burn more calories even when resting.

Although food plays a crucial role in weight loss, however, intense muscle-building exercise remains the game-changer. Ultimately, high-intensity interval training (HIIT) remains the best form of fat-burning exercise. The reason is that it uses short intervals of intensive exercises to burn fat and also build lean muscle mass.

Remember that weight loss is a journey. It starts from where you are obese down to the point where you have lost significant weight. Even after you feel that you have achieved weight loss, you must maintain a healthy weight. You can do 5,000 steps a day for a start, and gradually increase the target to 10,000 steps a day.

If you exercise up to 4 times a week for 30-60 minutes, you could be doing more than 50,000 steps weekly. Many people lose focus and concentration in their weight loss journey. So ensure that you don’t lose motivation. Your weight loss targets can be achieved as long as you do the activities that fit into your lifestyle.

How To Lose Weight Effectively?

A lot of diet programs sound superior and powerful. However, scientific studies have proven that there is no superior diet out there. Even popular diet results produce similar weight loss results. Accountability is the key to sustainable weight loss. Diet works because they hold you accountable. Irrespective of your diet plan or dietary supplement you use, you’ll probably lose weight if you stick with it.

Many diet plans out there sound too good to be true. We recommend people to stay away from magic pills because they are unrealistic. Moreover, some of these diet pills are dangerous because they are formulated using artificial ingredients, preservatives, and additives, which increases the risks of side effects. One of the proven dietary supplements that have shown to be effective for weight loss is the PhenQ diet pill. We advise you to do some physical exercises consume more fruits and vegetables. Doing this increases your chances of losing weight.

The Dietary Guidelines for Americans suggest that cutting about 700 calories a day can help you lose up to 1.5 pounds a week. A lot of people underestimate the number of calories they consume daily. Therefore, it is important to record everything that goes into your mouth.

Ensure that you consume fewer calories, stay active and add some physical activity to your day. It is not ideal to stay in one spot for too long. Even if you are not actively doing high-intensity body exercises, doing some form of body activity like walking, dancing can make you lose some calories.

We believe that this article has provided you with some insights into your weight and fat loss journey.  Don’t give up or lose focus at any point. Always stay motivated by pairing yourself with family, friends, neighbors, or someone who got your back.


1 Does metabolic weight loss work?

If you’re eating high metabolism foods it can be beneficial for weight loss, but if you thinking to start it then you must research its effectiveness and safety.

2 Why metabolism is important in weight loss?

Weight loss is all about how you’re taking calories and how you’re burning them, but if you will boost your metabolism then your body will burn a good amount of calories even if your body is at rest.

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