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Fitness tips Staying fit and healthy is one of the most crucial aspects of life. To stay fit and healthy one should do more outdoor activities and enjoy outdoor games. However, due to the current pandemic situations, almost all of us are locked in their houses. But if we analyze the situation before lockdown most of the teens were spending their time indoor which is a cause of concern. Eventually sitting inside will add to the habits of eating unhealthy foods, sitting for the long hours and many of you may have serious hand issues.


I will be giving you the top 8 fitness tips that are mainly designed and made for the teens.

Let’s jump into it !!!


  1. The mentality of the winner
  2. Importance of rest
  3. Fitness tips for Stretching and massages
  4. Lower body training
  5. Don’t depend on our fitness trainer alone
  6. Always say no to steroids
  7. Exercise to grow taller
  8. Everyone has to start somewhere


The mentality of the winner.

mentality of the winner

 The mentality of the winners is that they do not look at fitness as a short term goal. This is a very important mentality you are not doing fitness to get those sexy abs or bulgy shoulders or great biceps. Always do it for yourself. Eventually, when you grow older you want to go into our old age as a more fit and healthy person.

Always take fitness as a lifestyle. When you have this kind of winner mentality short term defeats will not bring you down. When you are healthy from the inside your brain works the best and when your brain works the best you perform great through the rest of your life. My advice for all of my readers will be to look at fitness as a base for the rest of your life.

Treat your diet and workout as an essential part of your life just in the same way you look brushing your teeth or combing your hair. Always remember initially your gains in the gym are going to be incredible you will get bigger muscle very easily you get cuts very easily but as the time passes your progress slows down.

It becomes very difficult to stick to the fitness lifestyle to 6 months from 1year, and that is where boys are differentiated from the men. A lot of teenagers end up quitting the fitness lifestyle just by being 6 months into the process sometimes during your exams you will quit it and never come back.

Always be in a group of men rather than being in a group of boys. Be that guy who goes to the gym once in a week during their exams and is serious about his protein intake. Always remember when you enter the world of fitness it is long term change it will never be short term change.


Importance of rest.

Taking rest

 If you are going to take fitness lifestyle injuries are going to be part of it that’s where the element of rest comes into the play. Let’s start with the 3 important pillars of the rest. Listen to your body- if you are too tired on a particular day or if you are too sore on a particular day don’t go to the gym, sometimes taking a step back will pay you bigger in the long term.

 Don’t take every set till failure it will lead to injuries – Explaining what failure means in simple term is that when you are pumping up your body to that extent where it just goes numb and you cant even push or pull that weight even further but you still try to pull or push that weight with the help of your friend or trainer that is what it means pushing it to the failure.

 A pro tip for the best results in the gym use failure 3 to 4 sets per workout. Stop when you feel sharp pain or awkwardness in your body- This means guys that while working out if you feel some kind of snap or some kind of pain while pushing or pulling the weight stop your workout at that time consult with the trainer at the gym and don’t try to push yourself especially if you guys are having a one-sided pain while working out it is a very dangerous situation to be in.

Fitness tips for Stretching and massages.

Fitness tips- stretching

 When you choose the lifestyle of fitness get serious about stretching and massages. This is something where a lot of teenagers tend to ignore this topic until they get injured or see their friend got injured.

 Guys always remember when you are doing a weight training there is a lot of damage you are doing to your muscles and as important as damages are for your muscle to grow it as important to put your body in a position in order to recover optimally. A pro tip stretch at the end of the workouts- it helps to improve the overall flexibility of your body and relaxes your muscle towards the end of the workout.

Coming to the point of massages get some knowledge about sports massages usually in Indian metros you will find sports massage centers, this is very important because just by massaging the single muscle or just pressing the single muscle it helps to increase the blood flow in that region it helps to relax the muscle and it releases the muscle. All this kind of massages is important to prevent long term injuries.


Lower body training.

Lowerbody training

This can be the best fitness tips that I am giving to you, from above all the points this is a very important point always train your legs and lower back guys. It doesn’t mean if you are not exposing your legs or lower back to the world doesn’t mean you will not train them. Always keep in mind if you are training only aesthetics point of view your legs are the big part in looking sexy.

 Remember these guys a lot of girls will tell you the chicken legs is an automatic turn off for most of them, but don’t always do it for your sexiness level train those areas for your overall strength and development  When you train your legs and lower back your core is involved almost all the time.

 A lot of strength is generated through your legs for example when you do heavy squats you are working at the core of your body and that strength has a huge carryover to the other muscle groups on your body. You will automatically increase your strength level when you guys will have strong legs and a strong lower back

Don’t depend on our fitness trainer alone.

fitness trainer

 The harsh reality of today’s fitness world is that Indian fitness trainers are just arent good enough to give you right fitness tips, I am not saying it to everyone there are a lot of fantastic Indian trainers but the far majority of the trainers take up this fitness career only for the money-making aspect they are not passionate about the subject they don’t educate themselves in detail about the fitness subject. The main point that I want to explain is that always cross-check the form your fitness trainer has taught you with good blogs or through some good youtube videos.

I know many of my readers will think that their fitness trainer has the most perfect form and the most perfect education just cross-check on the multiple blogging sites as well as on youtube.


Always say no to steroids.

say no to steroids

 One of the massive issues in the Indian fitness industry is the use of steroids. Many of the Indian trainers use steroids and they also promote it among Indian teenagers. This a very very wrong idea this is happening because of a lack of education among the Indian trainers. Please remember this guy’s teenage bodies arent build to consume steroids your hormones levels are all over the place in your body already, therefore, don’t use steroids. One of the drawbacks is that the moment you stop using steroids your body will stop showing results and will shrink to its normal size.

Unless you are a professional bodybuilder or a fitness model you can’t really use steroids. Always remember point number 1 that we have discussed you are chasing the long term fitness and not the short term growth or fitness. Especially if you are a teenager don’t go near of steroids


Exercise to grow taller.

fitness tip - Tadasana

 One of the most important factors in your teenage is your height. Is there an exercise that you will perform that will help you to improve with your end height? The answer to your question is TADASAN it’s a yoga exercise that helps to stretch your spine. Remember just how basketball players in their teenage years do a lot of practice and their body responds by growing taller because it’s their body needs to go closer to the rim.

 That exactly how a regular TADASAN practice works. It is performed by stretching your body completely. Regular practice of TADASAN will help with your height but it will only make a difference if you perform it in the long term. Do 5 sets twice a day with 12 to 15 reps in each set.

Therefore coming to our last and final point of this blog which is for everyone irrespective of your age, fat percentage, or fitness level.


Everyone has to start somewhere.

Fitness tips

 A lot of you guys don’t join a gym because you think that you’re either too skinny or too overweight or you’re just conscious about your body. Remember when you are a teenage it is that time of your life where you are conscious about your self and about your looks and that why a lot of people use this as some kind of excuse to not take up their fitness lifestyle.

A fitness lifestyle isn’t just going to the gym or not just going to marathon it’s about creating a mental change. If you want to create the mental change you have to step out of your comfort zone and step into your gym nobody is judging you all those muscular guys you see even they have been in your position at some time in their life the only difference is that they stuck with it. Therefore guys stick with the process, continuously educate yourself, and finally get out of your comfort zone!


Go and apply these fitness tips to your daily lifestyle and tell us if it makes any improvement in yourself.

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