First Day at Gym | Here are What Workout you Should Do

So finally you have joined the Gym , now you will see changes in your body. But before all this let me tell you that you have to be prepared for the first day at gym, because you will be little nervous and you will feel little shy to ask someone about basics but here I’m, I will tell you what and what not to do in your first day of Workout.

Always remember you will face little problems like some pain in muscles but don’t be scared It’s very common you will always get a little pain after doing a good Workout and its good.


gym preparation

You have to be prepared for your first day it’s not that difficult you have to choose the things that is necessary for the gym. Bring a bag that will keep your clothing phone etc. most of the gym provide lockers put your stuff there.

When you will do a good workout, you will have some sweat so bring your towel with you it will be more hygienic.

Music can play a very good role mostly every gym owner have music system installed in their gyms but they don’t know what type of music you like so bring your I pod or phone and if possible wireless headset will be good for this or there are many options in the market for workout friendly headsets in the market.

Don’t try to be a Body builder in one day.

First Day at Gym light workout

It is a very common mistake that most of the people do, actually you will see many people with good body structure and working heavy weights but always remember they are old in this game and they have worked very hard to achieve this strength and shape please don’t pick heavy weights in first day.

Spend some time in the gym don’t spend 3-4 hours in the gym this will only give your body injuries and not results. Your muscles are not capable and they will not get the rapid change in your lifestyle they will take time to understand and it will prevent you from getting.

Make your Goals Everyday.

Make your Gym goals

As I have told you earlier that you don’t have to get excited by seeing others weight picking capabilities, your only competition is you.

Make your goals like if you are doing dumbbell press with 5 kg weight then next time when you will be doing chest exercises try to do dumbbell press with 7 kg weight and don’t get disappointed if you fail one day you will be lifting weights like a pro but for that you have to train hard and have to be patience.

Make notes of your progress and always be planned for your daily exercise because this will save your time and you will enjoy your workout. Try to click pictures of your current shape and daily progress so you can see how much you are growing and it will be satisfactory.

Warm up.

 warm up exercise

This is very important stage where most of us don’t take it seriously. You should always warm your body before hitting the weights because our muscles were in rest position and you have got blood flowing into your muscles.

Stretch your body completely this will also increase your flexibility. There are so many ways to warm your body up like cycling, jumping, arms swings, side bends, legs swings. These will help muscles to activate easily.

I have seen many people complaining about stretch marks this can be the one of the most important reason to warm up before workout, even I have personally faced the problem of stretch marks so always warm up.

Learn Correct Postures.

First Day at Gym correct posture

When you will enter in the gym you will see so many machines, don’t be scared try everything out. See others how they are doing exercise and try to copy them with less weights or you can ask a trainer or someone who knows the correct ways to do exercise.

First do some push ups and pull ups they are very good for activating your chest and back muscles I will prefer you to do 3 sets in which you have to 10 reps in each set. If you are not able to push ups or pullups you can do it by easy methods like you can do push ups on your knees and you can ask someone to hold your legs while doing pull ups it will help you.

If you have a friend ask him to join the gym with You it will be perfect you both can help each other while doing exercise.

Correct postures are very important while doing exercise because if your posture is not correct the exercise will not hit the part which you are training and you will not seeing any good results in you or may be you can get injured while doing exercises.

Learn Exercises.


There are so many exercises that you can do but you don’t have to do them all in the starting days just remember spend your starting days more on learning then doing wrong exercise once you will learn basic exercise (chest, back, biceps, triceps, shoulder, legs) you can start to go for little heavy weights.

Start your first day with mix exercise in which you will try all exercise in less weight so your muscles can remember the changes and next time it will be prepared.

Recovery Time.Gym recovery diet

Alright so you have completed your workout, now its time to recover the muscles that you have broken. Recovery plays very important role for muscle-building it is as important as workout, but most of the people don’t focus on this recovery period.

First lets clear why recovery is very important for muscle-building, when we hit Weights  in the gym it tears our muscle fibers and when we give our body good amount protein and rest it heals our muscle and  new muscle fibers increase the size of our muscle so that’s why recovery is as important as workout.

There are so many things that are rich with protein and always remember rich protein food is always good for your muscle-building.

For our vegetarian viewers you can eat food like boiled vegetables, soya chunks, chickpeas, peanuts, almonds and you can even search for high protein food online.

For our non vegetarian viewers you can eat chicken breast, salmon, white fish, egg whites etc.

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