Five Most Famous Bike Trips in India

Traveling in India is about different destinations, sightseeing, witnessing different cultures, and of course adventure. The idea of travel has witnessed a change as the 21st century is interested in traveling in a different way. Today’s generation is interested in seeking adventure and thrill which includes a famous road trip on a bike.

People not only travel with bikes locally but also to the Himalayan ranges and coastal regions. Following are the most famous bike trip in India that an adventure seeker must undertake.


Here is the List Below to Take a Famous Bike Trip to India


1. Manali to Leh Road Trip

Manali to Leh is the most popular road trip that many people undertake. The total distance one can cover is 473 kilometers. Out of this total distance, 150 kilometers is categorized as a dirt road and will test your bike’s capability. The travel time required is about 2 days and the route is quite long as well. Manali to Leh is a famous bike trip in India among visitors.

It starts from Manali and one passes through Sissu, Railing, Keylong, Jispa, Sarchu, and then finally one reaches Leh. The road trip from Manali to Leh on a bike is mesmerizing as it provides beautiful landscapes and panoramic views. The best time to undertake this route is from July to September and are the most favorable months as the roads are not blocked.

2. Manali to Spiti Valley Road Trip

The next adventurous road trip is from Manali to Spiti Valley is also a famous bike trip in India and the total distance covered is 196 kilometers. Time taken to travel on this route is about 5 hours and the route starts from Manali goes through Chhatru, Batal, Pangmo, and then finally Spiti Valley. This route is another beautiful route and is a breathtaking expedition. The distance is not much challenging as one reaches in 5 hours.

The terrain on the other hand could be slightly challenging. About 20 kilometers away from Spiti Valley, there is Hikkim Village where one can see the World’s highest Post Office which is located at an elevation of 4,440 meters. During the trip, one can also take a halt at Chandratal and enjoy the experience of camping, stargazing, trekking, and bonfire. The best time to undertake this road trip is between Mid-May to October as the route is entirely open.

3. Shimla to Manali via Mandi

Shimla and Manali. These two destinations are very popular tourist destinations in India and undertaking a road trip can make it exciting and more enjoyable. The total distance is about 249 kilometers and can take up to 8 to 9 hours to reach. The route starts from Shimla, goes from Mandi and Kullu then finally Manali.

Riding a bike on this route is very thrilling as it sounds. Riding your bike along the River Beas Kund is a wonderful experience. One can witness scenic views, snow-clad mountains, and deodar forests. One can ride to Rohtang Pass which is at an elevation of 3978 kilometers. The best time to undertake this road trip is in the summer months.

4. Guwahati to Tawang

NorthEast is known to have beautiful sceneries and landscapes. A bike trip from Guwahati to Tawang can truly be heaven. Distance between both the places is about 509 Kilometres and takes about 10 to 11 hours to reach. The eastern terrains of India can be experienced very well on this road trip. Starting from Guwahati which is located in Assam passes through Bhalukpong, Dirang, and then reaches Tawang. Bhalukpong and Dirang are beautiful villages and one visits the Buddhist Monastery when in this area.

On the road, one can witness lush green landscapes, Himalayan ranges covered in snow. While one is in Tawang, one can also visit the famous Sela Pass and is located at an altitude of 4,170 meters. The best time to undertake this road trip is between April and May and October and November.

5. Kolkata to Digha

Another mesmerizing trip in Eastern India is the road trip from Kolkata to Digha. The distance between the two places is about 184 kilometers and one passes through Bagnan, Nandkumar, and Contai. To reach Digha it usually takes about 3 to 4 hours from Kolkata and one can witness various scenic locations and many restaurants which offer delicious cuisines.

These cuisines include traditional seafood. When one is on a trip to Digha, one can spend time on the beach. Digha is one of the popular resort towns in the state of West Bengal. The city experiences different seasons like summer, monsoon, and winters and thus the best time to undertake the road trip is between July to March.


These are the best road trips in India by bike. As you are on the road trip to these places, it is better to take a few things on the way like a spare tire, extra fuel, and few other necessities. This is to keep you safe in case one cannot find any help nearby. It is also better to take some light food along with you for the long journey as it might be possible in a solo bike trip to India that one might not find food on the way. One should also take basic first aid and basic medicines with them as well. Happy traveling!

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