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One of the most important things to consider when choosing EHR software for eye doctors is integration with other medical professionals. Eye doctors often work with other physicians, including primary care physicians, who need to integrate patient care to achieve better outcomes. For instance, a patient with vision problems needs to be followed up with their primary care physician, who must be notified of the problem. An EHR system like Eyefinity EHR makes this follow-up seamless. Another important feature is easy Meaningful Use reporting, which shows how well doctors are performing in various phases.

Eyefinity EHR Software Features


Although the Cloud-based Eyefinity EHR software does not have as many features as the traditional EHR programs, it has a few notable features. It offers integrated telehealth, is able to integrate with other cloud-based practice management software, and can be tailored to the needs of an optometry practice. This software is also compatible with OfficeMate, a popular cloud-based practice management solution.

Some of the features of Cloud-based Eyefinity EHR software include integrated online appointment scheduling, patient reminders, and insurance claim submission. These features help doctors schedule patients efficiently and see more patients, increasing their bottom line. The software also eliminates a number of paper processes, such as mail, paper charts, and waiting for insurance cheques. The company’s services are available online at the launch website. Potential users can register to learn more about the Eyefinity EHR.

Another feature of the Cloud-based Eyefinity EHR software is that it is available from multiple locations, eliminating the need for server hardware on the premises. The Eyefinity EHR will also offer built-in data backup, integrated e-mail, and native iPad technology. Additionally, Eyefinity EHR software will provide business solutions to businesses, such as ordering lab results and other services. Further, the Eyefinity EHR software will provide support for maintenance.

The Eyefinity EHR software also offers an iPad app, which lets doctors and staff members communicate and collaborate remotely. The iPad app makes it easy to update patient information, send prescriptions electronically, and pull up patient medication lists. It also has a telemedicine platform, which allows doctors to view images and consult with other providers in real-time. The cloud-based EMR also allows doctors to check formularies and review images from most diagnostic equipment.


If you want to use an electronic health record that is HIPAA-compliant, the Eyefinity EHR is the right choice for you. This program supports video and audio telehealth visits. It has built-in video conferencing capabilities and also includes new billing codes. It can also help you document telehealth visits. The EHR can be accessed via a mobile app or web portal. The software is HIPAA-compliant and meets all the requirements for Meaningful Use.

Eyefinity EHR software features include integrated video visit capabilities, which make it easy for patients to get a virtual examination. It also includes a progress bar that allows users to track technician progress. This feature makes it easier to identify missed steps during exams, which can impact billing. The Eyefinity EHR software is HIPAA-compliant and allows patients to receive complete, digital care. It also supports patient appointments and electronic billing.

With HIPAA-compliant features, Eyefinity EHR software can improve your practice’s overall efficiency and improve patient experience. With its easy-to-use charting system, you can easily review past diagnoses and procedures, customize patient preferences, and accurately submit codes. You can also use the secure Patient Portal for communication with patients. This feature lets you send secure messages and securely attach files. You can even customize your Patient Portal by adding additional features that make it convenient for patients.

The Eyefinity EHR software also integrates with Eyefinity Practice Management to streamline daily operations. This software is cloud-based, so it’s highly scalable for small and midsize practices. The Eyefinity EHR software is available for both on-premise and cloud-based deployments. It provides a complete ophthalmology practice management solution for both large and small practices. You can choose your EHR software based on your requirements.

iPad app

In late 2013, Eyefinity EHR was released, making it one of the most popular practice management systems on the market. The company is the number one software provider for meaningful use and federal stimulus payments. More than 1,000 physician practices have adopted its software, including those in orthopedics, plastic surgery, and cosmetic surgery. Eyefinity has partnered with MMI and was named one of America’s Most Promising Companies. In addition to its iPad app, the Eyefinity EHR software features cloud-based documenting, built-in data backup, and a native iPad app.

The iPad app for Eyefinity EHR takes full advantage of the built-in features of the tablet. It allows patients to update their personal information, send prescriptions electronically, pull up medication lists, and access their health records. The physician can review images from most diagnostic equipment using the iPad kiosk app, as well as check formularies and diagnose patients using the Eyefinity EHR software. In addition, Eyefinity EHR is a powerful telemedicine platform that makes it possible to conduct remote consultations.

Eyefinity EHR has a simple interface and focuses on patient charting. There are not a lot of advanced features, but it integrates seamlessly with OfficeMate. It costs anywhere between $199 and $420 per month, and you can purchase the software online or download the trial version to try it out. Although the software is not free, it does offer a 30-day free trial. If you find it useful, you can also subscribe to the service.

The Eyefinity iPad app is compatible with various devices, including iPads and tablets. It can also be used in conjunction with practice management software. For instance, the iPad app can be used for Grand Rounds, allowing doctors to see how other doctors treat a specific condition. It also has the option to print and fax reports. It also has an integrated lab interface and a built-in “refer a patient” option.


Eyefinity EHR is a cloud-based medical software system that allows doctors to integrate with other healthcare providers. It allows doctors to share patient information with other medical practitioners, including primary care physicians. This integration allows doctors to demonstrate integration and improve patient outcomes. For example, if a patient has a vision issue, their primary care physician needs to know about that problem so they can follow up on their patient. Eyefinity EHR makes this process very easy. It also supports Meaningful Use requirements, which means that doctors can quickly and easily generate reports that show how well they are doing and whether they qualify for various phases.

Another benefit of Eyefinity is its integration with other practice management products. Its integrated electronic patient notification feature helps doctors stay in touch with patients by sending them reminders and eyewear-ready notifications. This feature enables doctors to streamline practice operations. Eyefinity also integrates with vision web Uprise optometry-specific electronic health record software, which has many features for optometrists. These features include patient list creation, billing, claims submission, and letter generation.

Eyefinity EHR can also be accessed through a mobile device, such as an iPad. The software helps doctors keep track of patient data more efficiently, including history, prescriptions, and other pertinent information. In addition, the software is integrated with other equipment and can be accessed via desktop computers and web browsers. It supports multiple platforms, including Mac and Windows. If you’re looking for an optometry EHR software, Eyefinity EHR is a cloud-based option that supports multiple platforms. iMedicWare and RevolutionEHR also offer on-premise and cloud-based deployment options.

The Eyefinity EHR is a cloud-based optometric EHR software that works with Practice Management software. Its integrated features allow optometrists to access patient data when they’re away from the office. Another benefit of Eyefinity EHR is its ability to provide centralized storage for patient data. It also has built-in templates to streamline your work. It also provides a centralized location for images from most diagnostic equipment. All of these features make Eyefinity an excellent option for optometrists.

Flexible plans

The flexible plans for Eyefinity EHR software are available to doctors of optometry with different practice sizes. For example, a single location eye doctor can start using the software for a month at $420, while a double location eye doctor can go on with a monthly fee of $560. Both options are available in monthly and annual plans, so they’re ideal for practices with different needs and budgets.

The Eyefinity EHR is not only user-friendly but also affordable. Its adaptive learning capabilities learn from your practice and make it faster for your patients. It also eliminates the need for you to spend a lot of time scrolling or clicking to see options. Moreover, the program has been implemented in select Harley-Davidson dealerships, and it’s expected to go nationwide in 2019. Using the software, patients can order prescriptions directly from the dealership.

The Eyefinity EHR software is available as a cloud-based subscription. Its monthly plans are highly affordable and come with unlimited upgrades and data backups. The software is also compliant with IHE HL7 Standards and is fully customizable. In addition, you can get unlimited software upgrades and data storage, automatic data backup, and expert support. You can also benefit from real-time diagnostic results that are easily accessible from your computer.

Flexible plans for Eyefinity EHR software are available at various price levels, depending on your practice size and scope. Eyefinity Practice Management and Eyefinity EHR are both cloud-based solutions that streamline your day-to-day tasks and simplify your workflows. These solutions are ideal for eye care practices that wish to expand their practice or provide telehealth services to remote patients. This software also offers features that allow you to monitor and review diagnostic equipment.