Top Five Amazing Camping Destinations In Mumbai

5 best Camping Destinations in Mumbai

There are so many Camping Destinations in Mumbai. Some of them are really great and you can have an unforgettable experience by visiting them. These includes:


1. Pawana lake

The first and foremost encampment site is Pawna Lake. An individual who is fond of the environment must visit Pawna Lake as it’s really an alluring pond. Pawna Lake is a popular campground that is close to the metropolis of Mumbai. It is one of the foaming and fizzy pond that is captivating an abundance of millenarians and explorers to lay cantonment at this location and spend an amazing weekend with your close ones like friends and family members.

It is situated at an ideal distance from the two metropolises of both Mumbai and Pune. It is considered to be a fabulous encampment that you can prefer. It is one of the places which is crowded at the time of weekends. The reason behind this is that most of the individuals come to this place for getting relief from their busy and tiring city life and also they want to be embraced by the sparkling and shimmering environment that adjoins the lake named Pawna Lake.

At this place, you can do several things like you can immerse in the pond, hangi sittings and meetings, sedentary by the campfire and frolicking activities, fantasizing and few another encampment activities this place should be explored by each and every traveler. You can have a lot of fun there. It’s a place to relax and explore. Here, you can spend a great time.


2. Bhandardara Camping

Next, the best Camping Destination is Bhandardara Camping. It is recognized as a famous encampment spot that is located near Mumbai. After exploring the camping destination of Pawana lake, you can visit Bhandardara. It is located close to Igatpuri. In the metropolis, there are different kinds of things that people face in their daily life. It includes noise and any kind of pollution. So this is the place where you can have some relaxation without facing these things.

It’s a calm and composed place. It is famous among people for a campsite close to the metropolis of Mumbai. You can take your canopies and navigate to the location for a campsite experience. Another option is available for you. You can book an encampment tour which is organized for each and every week. It completely depends upon you. It doesn’t matter that what option you are choosing.

There is a guarantee that you will be having an astrography experience. It is a tremendously recommended fleck for those people who want to give themselves up to encampment. You can spend quality and superior time in the composed nature of none other than Bhandardara.


3. Karnala Camping Site

Another best Camping destination to discover is the Karnala Camping site. It has its own quality and beauty. This is one of the camping sites that is situated next to the fowl conservative park and castle, the encampment close to Mumbai is in the mind of those people who love to do camping. In this advanced world of technology and development, there are so many individuals who navigate down from the cities of Mumbai and Pune for experiencing encampment in Karnala.

This is one of the amazing locations that offers so many things to an individual. These include environmental charmer and mesmerizing experiences. There is a fall which is situated within the area of the encampment. This is a great place where you can have a lot of fun. Every explorer and encampment admirer should visit this place at least once in life. At the time of the monsoon, this place has extraordinary splendor.


4. Kundalika Rafting Camp

Kundalika Rafting Camp is one of the best Camping Destinations in Mumbai. It is the perfect campground destination for Mumbai. You don’t need to navigate much. You have to navigate only a few times from the metropolis of Mumbai. Mumbai is like a dream city. For satisfying your wish for adventure, you can choose this destination of Mumbai. You can witness vegetation and shrubs all around that will make you feel happy and excited. It is an enthralling location. Here, you can have a good encampment time with your close ones. You can also listen to the flow of the waterbody of Kundalika.


5. Igatpuri Camp

It is a beautiful place that is close to Mumbai. You should not forget to know about this camping destination of Igatpuri. Several encampment sites are situated close to the pond in Igatpuri. During the night, you can also witness the sunset giving peace to your mind.

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