10 Reasons Why Observant Individuals Stand Out in The Crowd

You must have come across this statement once in your life. But why do people always tell others to stay cautious of people who don’t talk too much?. Is it because they remain unbothered by the opinions of others or is it because they are a force to be reckoned with? 

People who usually do not speak much are often noticing every single detail and that is where the quote actually comes from. Observant people or individuals generally remain in a league of their own without even trying. 

Confused? It is completely fine if you feel that way since it is pretty hard to figure out an observant person. And it becomes even more difficult if they stay quiet, which is the case most times. 

This article will shed light on some of the major reasons why it is hard to stay a step ahead of people who observe and also about the qualities that. They possess so one can try to change if they want to observe every other thing like a mad man. 


Major Reasons Why People Who Observe are Ahead in Every Aspect


1 Pretty Hard to Lie to People Who Observe

If you have ever come across anyone who observes way too much or someone who does not speak much, you should keep in mind that such individuals notice everything, body language, eye contact, posture, expressions, and any sort of fluctuations in breathing. 

Everyone knows that whenever someone is lying to you, it is pretty hard for them to do so while maintaining eye contact. This is a bad idea if you are thinking of doing this in front of an individual who is very observant. Even if they notice the slightest of changes in your breathing, they won’t tell or share something that they were about to. 

This is why it is better for you to say whatever it is that you have been holding back from an observant person. As they will eventually get it out from you, it is better to take the initiative to save yourself from the humiliation.


2 Deductive Reasoning is a thing for Observant People

Unlike movies where smart individuals or observant people reason with the smallest of things, in reality, observant people pay attention to the smallest of details. And this further allows them to be more aware and familiar with their surroundings. 

Think of it like this, if a person comes to the office with a mismatched pair of socks. The individual can deduce that the person is not having the best of days and is probably in a hurry. This can further help them to indicate that the person they observed should not be pressured anymore since the day is already taking a toll on them. 


3 Brilliant Listeners

If you are feeling indecisive about anything, be it a job or about dating someone, having someone around you who observes a lot is a blessing. Anyone who has been around enough people knows that a conversation includes more than two people talking, listening, and making eye contact while they are at it. 

This is where observant people are ahead as they are way better at disconnecting from other things while shifting their focus solely towards the individual and the ongoing conversation. If you are talking to someone of that caliber, chances are that they will nod, make eye contact, reflect upon the details, and will speak when they think that they have grasped all of it or when you are done with your side the argument. 

In turn, one can simply view the topic from different angles and talk throughout the conversation while offering appropriate advice. 


4 Practicing Mindfulness is a Must for Them

Do you feel restless when you are waiting for someone or if you are going to someplace alone? How do you usually tackle such situations? Use your phone or talk to some people or anything that you can engage yourself with to kill time, right? It is the opposite of what observant people do. They like to soak in all the details of their surroundings, even the most intricate ones. 

It can be the sound of someone’s cell phone ringing while they are not paying attention to it which implies that the person is either annoyed or scared of the conversation, which is why they are ignoring it in the first place. Chances are that they may talk to themselves and may come up with stories to keep the mind engaged.

This way, observant people stay grounded while focusing on honing their skills. 


5 Analytics is Their Playground

What gives out the impression of being observant is that observation and analytics are not far from each other. People observe everything because according to them, everything is important and relevant. 

It can be the simplest of grammatical errors that force their hand to correct it and you may think of them as a grammar nazi or picky but that is not the case. Such types of individuals can take out mistakes from anything and can even tell others about the mistakes that they thought about and also about the ones that they did not think of. 


6 Enhanced Survival Skills

Most people have the tendency to multitask when they are working or traveling but what most people do not understand is that technology has somewhat made humans less observant and it is hard to find people who have what it takes to focus solely on a single thing when they face situations that are potentially dangerous. They possess situational awareness more than the average human being.

Stats show that as many as 80% of drivers have this sense of relief when they reach home due to all the distractions that they have to face while driving. This further goes on to show that people who get distracted often ignore the potential danger of getting into a car accident which amounts to more than 5000 deaths every year in the USA alone. 


7 Watching People is Their Favorite Pastime

Oftentimes, you may have come across certain individuals who are just looking at other people, staring into nothingness while being expressionless. This might look creepy to you but there is a perfectly healthy reason behind the same. 

People who observe often stare at other people to get creative inspiration as well as to engage their minds at all times with the surroundings so they can be more familiar with it as time passes by. 

A great social experiment can be done simply with a notebook and a pen if you are willing enough. People often write stories about how they overheard conversations and how they changed their perspective about certain things. Take into account the poets and the artists who make a living out of stating the misery and joy of other people in their art. 


8 Repetition is Important for Them

People think that there is no point in watching anything on repeat. Well, not according to the outcasts in society. People who like to observe can watch movies multiple times, listen to songs on loop for hours as they always find something new.

Even if there is not much to know, the smallest of details can change the whole perception of the way they view that piece of information. This is why it is often said that one should read a piece of paper or anything for that matter multiple times before writing a review since the more you look into it, the more deeply you will understand the core concept of the same. 


9 They Form Healthier Relationships

This has nothing to do with the other person being nicer or more understanding, instead, it has a lot to do with the body language and the ever-changing dynamics of a relationship. People who observe are quick to pick up the pace with the moods and habits of other people. 

Chances are that they will ask the significant other if everything is alright whenever they seem to be frowning or whenever a chatterbox of a friend goes on a quiet spree. They will understand that there is no point asking you to do things before you have had your morning smoke or they will make you breakfast if they know that it sets your mood for the day. 

To some, it might seem like magic when in reality it really is not since they just care enough to take the time out. And, observe what affects you in what manner so they can make the best out of every moment when they are with you. 


10 Stacked With Factual Information

If you think that anyone can be a grammar nazi, try coming across a know-it-all. People sometimes forget that not everyone pays attention to every detail while they on the other hand store all of it in their brains as if it is data that can be sold. 

They gather every bit of information that is available and can casually discuss it at times. So the next time a friend of yours states that recreational drugs can help you focus 7x more than your normal self or any other absurd but true fact, just make yourself understand that they were not showing off.  

Observation is a skill that requires patience and a deeper understanding of your surroundings which is exactly why people who are observant are often considered exceptionally talented while staying ahead of the curve where most people stand in life. 

The next time you think of ways how to become more observant, simply refer to the points that have been mentioned in the earlier sections of the blog.

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